All-Star Batman 3 Review


Scott Snyder has done it again with the Batman series but this time he’s brought along superstar artist John Romita Jr, bringing out old foes redesigned and reimagined. Along his grueling travels with Two-Face, KGbeast is one of those foes and he is back and making a mess of EVERYTHING, and killing any one who is in the way of him getting to Batman. In this issue Scott takes us back to the wonder years to show Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne as childhood friends (I know right).

Check this out. In this panel below, maybe this is the reason why Harvey Dent became Two-Face, or was he ever really just Harvey Dent at all? Mere speculation but maybe throughout his childhood he was developing into Two-Face from horrific events?screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-10-06-18-am

Duke Thomas is definitely coming along quite well and becoming a formidable hero in training and has been progressing and proving himself in each book so far. His detective skills are improving as well. Snyder is doing a great job dabbing in and out of Duke’s childhood to show his upbringing with his mom; tossing out a few hidden clues that has me mind boggled. Two-Face has once again escaped the Bat; being saved by unknown ninjas in a tunnel while taking him to the cave, and going even further by gassing Bats with a strange toxin. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of KGbeast because he REALLY brings out the best in Batman. I mean the guy is a human war machine. Imagine Bane but with a fully loaded arsenal and prosthetic heavy machine gun to replace his left hand. I don’t want to spoil the fight scenes but i think you should see these awesome panels below…


Bat Knuckles! Well enough of me rambling on about All-Star Batman. I highly recommend you to go and pick it up. I mean we are only three issues in and Batman is already getting his a** kicked. Scott Snyder is definitely stepping in the right direction again.


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