Descender 15 Review


What can I say about Descender issue 15? What can I say about Descender at all at this point? Basically, Descender is still the best ongoing comic series out through any comic company. In this issue Jeff Lemire takes us back 10 years to Andy Tavers memories on Niyrata after the Dirishu Mining Colony incident where he befriends a young Effie.

Hold on. Let’s throw in this nice picture of a Harvester so you can better understand the magnitude of said “incident” but you should really go back and read issues 1-14.



Okay, so time races ahead 4 years and depicts Andy attempting to leave the orphanage while also leaving Effie behind. Effie confesses her love for Andy and the two share a kiss that you could only describe as fireworks. We skip ahead two more years and this is where things begin to change. Effie begins to feel that madness is overtaking the mind of her partner as he begins to hate the robots more and more. They come across robots that are breeding sleepers to grow skin and blend into a normal human crowd with no difference. Push comes to shove and Andy kills the breeders with no hesitation. Effie decides to leave Andy and pursue a different path in her life, a path of morality and justice for innocent robots. More pushing comes to shove, and well…


Yup. She gets a robotic arm after an “incident.” Well just say Effie continues to change by adopting more robotic ware and modifying her complete physiology to that of a cyborg. Okay, I don’t want to spoil anymore so in the end we get to this panel here which closes out issue 15.


Descender is definitely a comic you should pick up. My review won’t even make sense to you if you haven’t read issues 1-14. Can you even call this a review? Just me throwing pics around and babbling on. Hurry up and hop on the bandwagon.


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