Karnak 5 Review

It’s been MONTHS since an issue of Karnak has dropped and I’ve taken responsibility to personally make people aware of this comic. This comic is on another level. This comic was created by a gotdamn genius that must’ve had this run buried inside him since the creation of our planet. The writer of the run knew about the run before he himself knew about the run, if that even makes since, which is doesn’t but who gives an actual f*$%. LETS CONTINUE…

Issues 1-4 dealt with Karnak being tasked to recover an inhuman named Adam from a dark science cult that actually worships him as the almighty. I listed some panels down below from issues 1 and 4.


Okay, no more previews.

Issue 5 jumps into a conversation between Magister Karnak and Agent Coulson over humanity and the presence of natural expressionism. Ellis wants you to think outside the average box with his writing by trying to get you to picture his words within your cerebral. I mean, just think… “Perfect cubes occur in nature. We can make perfect cubes, but so can pyrites. We are nature too. We all come from the same thin smear of minerals and slurry atop the rock on which we ride through the universe. This is the perfect expression of…presence.” Ellis, Boschi, and Brown bring about an unimaginable imagery with their work through colors, quotes, and a feeling of moral question. “You don’t think painting is magical?”


Painting is indeed magical and Ellis out of no where begins to paint an image of Karnak being broken down and deconstructed mentally; as a mere human finds his weakest points and points out the flaws in his science.


Ellis strips down Karnak even more by reviving the images Karnak has tried to keep hidden his entire life. His heart is still tainted by the fact this his parents did not expose him to the terrigen mist. He feels more human than ever at this point; despising change as a whole and longing for a world where he could’ve been in control of his destiny to come. This best thing about this issue was the fact that everything was done through mental telepathy. Well sort of. Kind of. I think. Well, just look for yourself.


Then this happens…


Alright, alright, no more spoilers and s*%#. Read the damn issue man. PICK UP THIS SERIES. Karnak issue 6 releases on November 23rd so you have plenty of time to play catch up.


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