Saga 38 Review

Let’s rewind before we even get started to appreciate the artwork of Saga.



Saga isn’t just a comic. Saga is a culture. Saga is a movement. Saga is a holy grail comic by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Im not even worthy of doing this article. JWIMYS should be the one doing this review but he’s busy working on greatness at the moment and we don’t want to disturb him.

Okay, so we’re on Phang and Hazel continues to narrate the story for us with her “oh so tiny and cute and fluffy and adorable dialogue.” CANT YOU IMAGINE IT????? Sorry, my fiancé wrote that part and threatened me if I took it out. Okay, so they’ve been on Phang for six months and it looks like the size of the party has increased. Petrichor seems as cautious as ever and it seems as if the battle still rages on. Hazel has gotten bigger is beginning to act like an actual kid (killing bugs, using spells, yelling and screaming at her baby sitter; definitely a normal child). Prince Robot IV and Izabel come up with a plan to get fuel and finally launch off of Phang but it may come with a price to pay. Phang is a complete war zone and is extremely dangerous at this point in time with refugees, platoons roaming, random battles, fire and explosives, and mines everywhere. Imagine the Vietnam War and Star Wars Episode 7 had a baby, and that baby grew up to marry King Joffrey from Game of Thrones. I’d rather kill myself. The Will continues to search for Gwendolyn and Sophie and comes up short once again. Later, Izabel comes across another hunter named “The March” who is hunting for Marko.


The March is on the right track as he captures Izabel, but Izabel doesn’t snitch. She accepts her death and thats the end of the soul bound spirit baby sitter that Hazel had. I mean, “no baby sitter sticks around forever…”

I don’t even know what else to type…..

Thanks for reading this horrible review/summary. Over and out.


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