Black Science 25 Review

As science fiction epics go, Black Science has been a yo-yo from the first issue.

In this particular issue of Black Science #24, we not only see Grant and Pia resolve some past issues, but we also see the return of some key characters…..



Yup. The slime ball Kadir is still alive. So anyway, Grant McKay went in search of a magical artifact(issue #24) called the Oxen Heart in order to stop a war, but more so to try to repair his damaged relationship with his daughter Pia. As usual, even this noble deed done for the right reasons has gotten himself and Pia into a pickle. They are held at the mercy of the cursed witch Droxta. The witch is willing to give up the Oxen Heart in exchange for the secrets of “Black Science.” Droxta offered up an exchange…Grant’s intellect on Black Science for the artifact and the life of his daughter. Any smart father would go with the obvious choice…


Okay, so we continue on to Black Science #25. McKay’s intelligence has been one of his defining characteristics. Having lost it to Droxta, McKay must now face a future in which he is just an average guy. Locked away in a cell under Mr. Blocks control alone, helpless, and without hope. We get a glimpse of the outside world, one that isn’t much brighter. Underneath the new technology is a world where evil higher ups hold power. In this world, with a bit more freedom than her dad, Pia suffers with a dead end job, a drug addicted  mom, and a slime ball of a replacement father who forces her to accept the lie that she was kidnapped and her real dad is a murderer. It’s interesting because in a way she is just as much a prisoner as her father, except for the fact that she is suffering mental imprisonment whereas her father is confined physically and is mentally free. While Grant is locked up Kadir pays him a visit and they exchange words back and forth with Kadir basically telling Grant he is a poor excuse of a father; all to get him riled up and then minutes later…..


OKAY! I’m done spoiling. Once again Remender, Scalera and Dinisio deliver a book that stands head and shoulders above a lot of the titles on the shelves and that’s a fact.

Metal Fingers signing out…PEACE!




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