Seven To Eternity 1 Review


As humanity evolves exponentially, so does the subconscious of the universe itself. One person can bring about a change that no matter what, the universe can counter with an even greater event. Life paints a picture only once but no matter the events or actions committed in that life, the portrait is always an image of beauty. You will always find beauty in any story, even if it only lasts a second. But, a second of beauty to you can seem like a lifetime of beauty to another. This is a story of beauty that only lasts a second, but it is also a story of beauty that may lasts “seven to eternity.”

A family of religion, yet a family of no religion.
A family of pride, yet pride is lost.
A family of death, yet a family that lingers on the possibility of life and growth.
A family that was outcast because of the whispers of evil.
A family whose father hopes for the safety of his family.
A family whose father has failed them of that safety and also proven victorious.
I sweat…but the beast also sweats. The beast can’t resist the blood of its prey.
She connects to the SEL. If she fails, the beast will kill her.
The beast will kill us.
I cough blood and ruin the shot.
A family of failure.

I was trying to mimic a little of how Rick Remender writes but no one can mimic the God of comics. I have no idea how he does it, but he just does. He was just born to give us incredible stories.

Okay, so Seven To Eternity starts off by giving us an excerpt from the Journal of Adam Osidis. In the scripture, we learn the harsh reality that the family has faced and still faces to this day thanks to Garils Sulm aka The Mud King. Garils Sulm had come to Adams father with generous offers but had declined with reason that the other Mosak do the same. However, it was far too late and the Mud King had risen to a power that was definitely influential in every household.

Jerome Opeña closes the journal and opens the narrative with beautiful artwork that the human eye was meant to appreciate.



The story accelerates at a rapid pace and a battle soon commences. Whispers have found the Osidis family(or whats left of it) and its up to Adam and Zebadiah to protect them and whats left of their property. Here’s where s*#@ gets crazy and complex. Zebadiah unveils a magical property that the Mozak seem to carry through a bloodline. If we go back a couple of pages to the journal, Adam states “Father sits up, looks away from me, speaking in some old Mosak language, and as I get closer, I realize the sound isn’t coming from his mouth, but from a hole in his chest. Now, the temple never held much appeal to me, and no one ever taught me the old tongues.” Im going to speculate that the Mozak are an old people of the planet that may be dying out due to the Mud Kings rule. “BLADES FORGED OF YOUR DEVOTION” and swords appear.



Zabadiah falls and evil is left for Adam to deal with. At this point in the story we can definitely assume that the Mud King needs the power of the Osidis family for his schemes. The Whispers have stated that “Your pride curses all you love. No hope in you but great potential in your kin” with POTENTIAL in bold letters. Definitely potential right there. I feel all of the potential. Lots of room for potential.

Adam is left with the task of setting off to hear the Mu….you know what? F*** this s#*@. Let’s take a break from our regular scheduled programming to just appreciate Jerome Opeñas’ artwork. I mean, just look at it.



Yeah, at this point I’m not stating anymore because its a long issue and you need to get up and read it. ANYWAYS, will Adam hear Garils Sulms’ offer? Why did Zabadiah sink into ground? What exactly is a whisper? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z. Issue 2 comes out soon. Be sure to pick up your copy of issue 1. I couldn’t resist and grabbed 3 myself. 1 gold medal for Seven To Eternity #1. OVER AND OUT!



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