Kill or be Killed #3 Review

Ed Brubaker just can’t miss with Kill or be Killed. I want to formally introduce myself as Jwimys. This is my first post and you are in for a treat with Kill or be Killed #3.


It starts off with Dylan contemplating if him killing Teddy’s brother was the right thing to do. He keeps going through it in his daily commute and even to the point where he’s seeing the Demon in his dreams; even thinking if he was just hallucinating all of the bad things about Teddy’s brother. Which honestly was beautiful to see (S/o to Sean Phillips, the amazing artist). Even though Dylan was going through something traumatic, it only fuels the fire of Dylan’s depression, wondering if all this killing is even worth it.

This issue we also get some insight of things revolving around Kira explaining why she is the way she is when it comes to relationships. I’m loving it to be honest. Kira was a sneaky person and for some odd reason something was telling me not to trust her. This issue changed that completely for the most part.

I won’t give out too many details about the chapter but this series is a must read. PLEASE make sure you go to your Local Comic Store and check out an issue. Every issue I would have given a 10/10, but that’s my time.  Hope you enjoyed the review and make sure to check out the other reviews on this site!


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