VICTOR VON DOOM! The greatest villain to ever grace the pages of the Marvel Universe has returned and turned over a new leaf to try something new. What does the masked villain have up his sleeve?

Recent Dr Doom Activities: Recently, he took on the powerful Beyonders, simultaneously breaking and saving the Marvel Universe while creating a new world, Battleworld. In SECRET WARS he ruled with a bounteous hand, and at times with a gruesome justice on his Throne.  Following his defeat at the hands of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic gave Victor back the one thing he could never fix: his face. The new and improved unmasked villain, has an awkward path to redemption to begin.

FlashBack Time…


Brian Michael Bendis begins INFAMOUS IRON MAN with a flashback (panels above) to the meeting of the Cabal, a secret society of Marvel villains. The diction and dark shadowy art guide you to the silent and powerful presence of Doctor Doom as he waits, along with the rest of his villainous comrades, for the arrival of Norman Osborn. Parker Robbins, aka the Hood, makes the mistake of attempting to engage Dr Doom in conversation. The good ole Dr, with a few simple gestures, beautifully rendered by Alex Maleev, becomes irritated with Robbins and quickly teleports him to another country. Before that happens, the Hood asked a very important question, something which readers who have been caught up on INVINCIBLE IRON MAN could possibly be what this series will finally answer: what drives Doctor Doom?

Now, Victor steps out of the shadows to take down Diablo and rescue Maria Hill. Present Doom is now a mask-free GQ type of man, but still full of authority. Usually villains spew out mountains of dialogue, Bendis uses great restraint and control when providing dialogue for Victor. Every word that Doom says is important. Bendis dispenses with rants and the usual God-like dialogue to provide Doom with a voice that is full of power and authority. While Doom is on his so called path of cleansing himself, Bendis lets us readers know that even an unmasked Victor Von Doom is still feared and brings terror without the menacing metal faced mask and cape. This is demonstrated very well in the conversation between Victor and Amara Perera, a friend and perhaps a romantic interest of Tony Stark. Even Though he shows nothing but courtesy and respect to Amara, she slowly gets more and more terrified of being in his presence, even shedding a tear in fear of him.


Alex Maleev compliments Bendis’s script with great style, creating panels full of the usual “Doom” power and strength. In INFAMOUS IRON MAN #1, I love the way Maleev uses strong, demanding lines, giving a very serious tone to the comic. Matt Hollingsworth’s colors compliment Maleev’s inks using a lot of shaded blacks as well.

Victor Von Doom steers a comic series but there is concern that he could lose it trying to become the new IRON MAN. I will be here for every issue as it is my civic duty too! Metal Fingers OUT!


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