Trinity #2 Review

Francis Manapul continues his “Better Together” storyline with a time-traveling journey to Smallville in Trinity #2. The heroes have been teleported to the past somewhere or “somewhen” and find themselves on the Kent Farm.

What the barn looked like before they entered in Trinity #1


Superman is taken back by when he sees himself, as a younger him, and his late father, Jonathan Kent. Whatever this is or wherever they are Superman is definetly drawn in. Clark at the same time realizes that this interaction could cause a butterfly effect and alter the reality of things forever. Francis Manapaul does a great job on the dialogue between father and son. The Jonathon Kent that we’ve known in the past has always been a devoted father, and in equal measure is awestruck by his son’s power and fearful of those same powers drawing attention and having Clark taken away. Francis captured that perfectly.



Batman already knew something was up when he first laid eyes on a younger Clark. Aware as ever, Bruce warns Superman of the potential danger that even the slightest interaction with the past could change their reality forever. Soon enough, Batman’s fears come to light, but in a much different way than he initially thought. Wonder Woman on the other hand is more on the understanding side, recognizing and allowing space for what the emotional Clark must be going through. So far, Trinity has only just begun each characters’ character development. I am really looking forward to see how Manapul digs deeper in the upcoming issues.

Okay, so now about the art in Trinity #2. It continues to impress me. The water color panels (one of my favorite art styles) and the sun-drenched scenery of smallville with the brightness and light shadows that Francis Manapaul displays is perfect. Each character is depicted gorgeously, with very little subtle shading capitalizing on the effortless blending of water color. The whole issue is beautiful.

At the end of this issue, the tone of the book changes to a dark and eerie feeling when a figure with a cloak emerges out of the shadows.

Mysterious Figure

Next title is: “Murder in Gotham,” which I believe each character will be led through a different version of their past to explore their identity, and perhaps to gain some sense of closure? I guess, If my hunch is correct, I would welcome this storyline and look forward to see where Francis Manapul takes this series.


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