Black Hammer #4 Review

Okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAAAAAYYYYY! Black Hammer 4 finally brings us the backstory we’ve been waiting for; ABE! Abe seems to be one of the only heroes actually trying to blend in the rural town setting while everyone else is just diving deeper into their own misery or trying to find a way back home to Spiral City. Abe was your regular guy but not really so regular? If that makes any sense? Yeah it doesn’t. The guy was as skinny and helpless as a number 3 pencil but he had hope and ambition to help fight in a war that would change the world. He’s taken in by a boxing trainer named Punch and he completely transforms him into a spirited animal. He gains weight, he’s more motivated, and feels like a completely new man, before Punch is murdered in front of his eyes. He adopts the name “Abraham Slam” and vows to protect Spiral City from scum and slime thats trying to overtake it.

Okay, backstory is FIN! We cycle back to the present with the recollection that Abe is bringing his main squeeze over for dinner. Yup, he’s going to invite a normal human over to meet his alien and robotic and demonic and bewitched and off-the-wall disguised family to boost his relationship with said human.



A few pages later and this really sticks out to me. Slam looks himself in the mirror before the big dinner and poses as he used to in Spiral City as Abraham Slam. We haven’t really spotted Abe show any emotion towards the situation they’re stuck in. This is maybe the first time we see him “miss” the old days as he lets off a silent “sigh” to close out the panel.


The biggest piece of this issue was the we’ve finally seen BLACK HAMMER. Yes folks, the man in the flesh, and oh boy is he a f***ing a**hole. I LOVE IT! Actually, there was an even bigger reveal this issue and Jeff Lemire definitely needs to take all of my money gotdamnit.


1 Gold Medal for Black Hammer #4.



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