OH MY GOD! Okay, so let’s open this up with a sequence detailing Bane’s formative years, artist Mikel Janin displays this beautifully and puts us right next to the man who broke the Bat as he recalls years being tortured in the prison of Santa Prisca. The images below show us a peak of how Bane had to survive in the worst prison on the planet….




WOW! So in that three-page prelude panel, amazingly scripted by King and choreographed beautifully by Mikel Janin, I really get it. Actually I felt it. The fortitude. The honor. The emptiness inside of Bane. The F@%$*!? controlled rage he has. And I don’t even get it in my head or anything like that. I get it in that part of my soul. Bane lives there now.

The Bat will have to plunge deeper than he ever has before to retrieve the Psycho Pirate and restore Gotham Girls mind again, but in order to do that he needs the perfect team. A perfectly handpicked team. No not the Justice League. And definitely not the Outsiders. No this calls for a suicide selection of individuals(literally). Batman vows to bring him back to Gotham and decides to create his own Suicide Squad from a select few of psycho’s at Arkham Asylum to help him do it.

BATMAN #9 is Tom Kings moment to take this new arc to greater heights. Not to say his last two arcs were not good(Monster Men & I AM GOTHAM), but in this particular issue Tom gave us that VISION or OMEGA MEN type of dialogue. The conversation between Psycho Pirate and Bane was so chilling. Tom does a very good job in portraying Banes voice and dialogue to be tyrant like and deeply intelligent when addressing pirate.

That’s a big %$@^!

Tom King and Janin truly planned out this recruitment walk-through in Arkham Asylum like characters talking through a scene in a movie; except there’s no internal monologue and no insight into Batman’s thinking in how he chooses his somewhat crazy constructed Suicide Squad. Even so, I feel like Tom is taking us on a deep journey into Batman’s mind (Tom after all is a mental writer) and his way of thinking. It seems like he’s leaving it up to the readers to become detectives, unravel the spy craft, and decrypt the messages.



This was an intense first issue to the start of the “I Am Suicide” arc. I am very excited to see where Tom King and Mikel Janin take this, because I believe Tom is about to cement his legacy in this series forever after this arc is over. We are only 9 issues in and the next copy doesn’t arrive until 11/2 so jump on the wagon now. Metal fingers over and out!


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