The Mighty Thor #12 Appreciation

Okay, so first off let me just say that this is NOT a review on issue number 12. This is simply an appreciation of a beautifully constructed comic book. I want to thank Sage Terrence for keeping me posted on a series that I had fallen off of to get on track with other books.

Now….F***!!! Jason Aaron has given us the origin of Mjolnir retold in his version and it was done orgasmically. The tale reads that Odin is given a piece of Uru which is a piece of metal/rock from the creation of the universe itself. Later on in this tale, Odin battles a storm of epic proportion for days and traps the storm itself inside the Uru and has the Dwarves forge it into a weapon. They CHAIN A STAR to assist them in the forging which took days and planted the Hammer at Odins feet with only a wish that they never see the weapon again. The Hammer later shoots off when Odin tries to weave it and drags him across the stars nearly destroying Asgard itself and Odin later decides to throw it in the vault to never be wielded by anyone again, simply because he sees it as worthless. Well who would’ve thought that same Hammer in the hands of Jane Foster would’ve kicked his a** in earlier issues. There is much more to the issue than that but that portion alone brought about a feeling of Jason and Esads take on “Thor: God of Thunder.” Not only was the story magical but PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT FRANK IRVINGS ART for the story below.




you see this…


Look at this…




One 5/5 Gold Medal for “The Mighty Thor” #12.



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