Alright so, we’re still in tie-in territory with our Spider-Man title(and I hate it) and as we’ve seen recently, Miles Morales seems to be thinking that he’s going to side with Tony Stark on the Civil War front. And from everything that I’ve seen, which isn’t that much, I’d have to go with Tony as well. With that, we have Miles dealing with some precarious things, like his grandmother hiring Jessica Jones to find out what Miles is hiding from his family and as we saw from the previous issue, it all might come to a head here because the cliffhanger was Jessica Jones and Luke Cage showing up at Miles’ school and saying that they need to talk. Let’s jump into this issue and see what these two heroes want, while also seeing where Miles definitely stands going into Civil War II.  Let’s check it out.screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-8-22-43-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-8-22-58-pm

Love the way Luke Cage reminds Miles he is the first Spider-Man of color and every decision he makes holds a lot of weight.

Once Miles arrives, after web slinging onto Nova for a way to get over there, we see that this is more than just a meeting of a couple of heroes because every hero on the planet is there, including Tony Stark and Carol Danvers working together(yeah right). Yeah, that’s something right there and there’s only one thing that could be big enough to get these two to see eye to eye and that’s the future they all saw, where the Hulk brutally massacred all of them.  To make sure that this future doesn’t transpire, all of these heroes get together to confront Bruce Banner. And even though I haven’t been reading the main Civil War II title after that latest issue, this situation is no stranger to me from what I have been reading. During the confrontation, Hawkeye kills Bruce and all hell breaks loose, bringing Civil War to a head.  screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-8-40-26-pm

This situation really solidifies Miles’ decision to follow Tony Stark because even though he’s seen some crazy s#!% as a superhero, it’s another to see a contemporary taken down by another in front of him.


I loved the perspective we got from Miles and how this situation moved him into joining Tony’s side. I’ll be happy to get our hero out of all the tie-ins, but I’m happy that I read this one because there was a real weight to it and I could only imagine how heavy everything became for Miles in this issue from him discovering that his family was having him investigated to seeing another hero die in front of him planned by another hero. I hope that this sense of reality knocking at Miles door continues because we’re seeing him become a better hero with every issue.


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