Finally something juicy! Alright so, while we are on planet Sampson with Andy Tavers, Driller and the crew. Jeff Lemire takes us backs 10 years with a back story of my man driller. Which i have been dying to know why he hates human so much, at least this given issue managed to tell a good story that is actually relevant to the broader plot. Warning: I will be discussing spoilers in this review.

We learn some of Driller’s biography in this issue. He was sent to the same mining colony Tim grew up on where is mother as well, but years before with another robot who got the nickname “Scoops”.


Working for a brutal minor, they still managed to forge out a friendship. Over the years Driller and Scoops become closer, Scoops and Driller have long talks at night about becoming more than just miners, but rather becoming something more useful in life or wanting a better life basically. But a mining accident with a poison gas pocket cripples Scoops which he caused(which he was already in need of maintenance) at the exact moment of the Harvester attack. Instead of sealing the gas pocket Driller runs over to help Scoops, and Henry comes in and seals it, in frustration he takes it out on scoops with a pipe. Driller reacts and slams henry against the wall, while being  enraged when the humans decide to abandon Scoops, Driller reopens the seam and kills the people who remained behind on the planet including Andy Taverns mother.


Okay so, does drilling bots have emotions??? because Driller reacted off impulse but then minutes later he realized he was wrong for what he did. I don’t know  if he realized at that moment the gas was going to kill everybody that was left on the planet because im sure he did it just to kill Henry Tusk only.

I love how this issue shined light on how Driller came to be as a character and that he’s more than just a mindless bot who had dreams of becoming something more. Tim-22’s issue made it clear but was it was too brief and didn’t explain much and I believe Jeff Lemire is stalling. Andy’s rage at robots on the other hand is never really explained, given that that’s not how his mother died or maybe his rage comes from thinking the harvester’s killed his mother. Next issue, hopefully we finally get to figure out what happens to Tim and the rest of the gang. Because I am dying to know. STOP STALLING JEFF!!!


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