Nightwing #7 Review

Dick Grayson’s troubles with Raptor continue in this issue after a group of owls were massacred  by a member of the Kobra Cult. Dick soon learned that this was set up by Raptor so that he could kill some of the higher members of the court of owls from the inside. As we all know by now killing does not sit well with the bat family. Dick confronts Raptor about this and a fight ensues with two different perspectives on justice ending on each side. The fight bursts into another room where we find out that Raptor has been spying on Dick from his days in the circus to the the point he is now as Nightwing. Raptor drugs Grayson and while he was knocked out he took the time to kidnap Bruce Wayne (who let himself get caught obviously). Awakened by Damian’s… belittlement, he gets up and realizes that Raptor has a connection with his mother and tells Damian to stay put so he can confront him by himself.

This was a great set up issue for the eventual battle that my fellow Nightwing fans were anticipating since Raptor was introduced. As far as the story’s placement goes it looks like it takes place before Batman #9 and Teen Titans Rebirth. Tim Seely might be hinting that Bruce knows more about Raptor than what he led Nightwing on to believe, this could lead to rifts between the two characters in the future, as well as even more character development for Dick.

The artwork is rough and dynamic at the same time. When characters have idle chit-chat some facial expressions seem weird however, when the action scene showing characters with swift movements and showing anger in their faces, that’s when the artwork is at it’s best. Overall this was a good issue and I’m excited to see what Seely has in store for us next.


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