Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #8 Review


Issue after Issue I’m starting to love Black Dragon more and more. Showing that he’s not just your run of the mill antagonist is great to see. It starts off Rita and Black Dragon controlling the Zords across the world. To the point that the various military factions can’t even do anything to even stop them.  mighty-morphin-power-rangers-008-002

Then it pans back to an amazing ass fight between Tommy and Jason vs Black Dragon. What Black Dragon is saying in this issue makes me feel like there is a bigger connection between this that we don’t know yet. He also even has some type of respect for him since he even shortened his size on the moon to make the fight an even playing field. Also not taking the final blow when he could have ended him that even had Rita puzzled.mighty-morphin-power-rangers-008-004

mighty-morphin-power-rangers-008-007Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 008-008.jpg

The Rangers spend the entire issue this time trying to access the Morphin Grid to get their powers back, and they try their hardest to locate Billy to save him.We also get a short look into Billy’s situation with him being a prisoner with Goldar. Asking Goldar questions and even has Goldar contemplating if Rita know his value.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 008-016.jpgThis issue is majority just the battle on the moon but my favorite part will be the short talk between Zack and Tommy. Showed that even though they don’t agree all the time they still will show respect when it’s due.

Overall a good issue with some amazing art that I’m starting to love. Only con would be that I have would be that even though all the Rangers appear and their powers being lost is a main problem. They all take a backseat to Tommy in this issue and they all don’t get their shine as a group, but with what was revealed in the last panel that might change the entire matchup against Rita and the Black Dragon!


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