Call Her Lady Death Scythe

As a child I always believed that I was destined to become someone of importance when it came to music. All I did was listen to music from morning to night, no matter what genre it was, I would just sit and listen. I would keep an extra pair of headphones in my pocket just so I could never be without. As I grew older, a friend of mines introduced me to an anime called Bleach. I had no idea what anime was and decided to give it a chance, and my entire thought of life shifted 180 degrees. Manga soon followed and I just couldn’t get enough. My love for music never changed but now I had a passion for three things in my life. More years had passed and another friend of mines (NotViktorVon) introduced me to comics and once again, my mind exploded with a hunger for more. At this point in time I knew I didn’t want to just choose one passion to become a star in, so I blended everything into one with three very important friends and we created Kasi’s Corner: A site to review everything of pure quality. Wait, this interview isn’t even about me…..

This is Lady Scythe
This is also Lady Death Scythe
You get what I’m trying to say…

The comic industry, or really any industry today for that matter, is a society that is quite complex and diverse, yet we never hear a lot about the females in the trade, or the underdogs that are trying to make a name for themselves. Well, I wanted to introduce you guys to a friend of mine from St. Louis who is a female and underdog when it comes to the art, anime, and gaming community. You can call her Samantha…or Sam, Sammie, Beezie…whatever you want, but you should definitely call her LADY DEATH SCYTHE!

From amateur cosplayer…

Phoenix Cosplay
Silk Cosplay

to amateur commission artist…


…we got to sit down and learn a little about what makes her tick and how she was inspired to pursue the life that she has always wanted.

knxvvledge: Beezie, what got you into the nerd life? I mean from the cosplay to the gaming to the art commissions and sketches, how did it all start? What I mean to say is, when did you realize you loved doing this?

Lady Death Scythe: So I first got into it when I was about 4 or so. My older brother raised me like I was a boy so he put me on everything he loved. It started with Sonic the Hedgehog from what I can remember. I used to draw him all the time. That’s where I first got into drawing. My dad is a huge sci-fi movie fan, so the tv always stayed on the sci-fi channel; that was back when they had that anime block, where I first saw Akira and Iria, which got me into anime. As far as cosplay, I didn’t start hitting conventions until 2015. Being in St. Louis, we don’t have a big nerd culture scene, so I had no idea we had our own wizard world comic con. But when I found out that we had one, I went and I’ve been addicted since. I’ve been to a few out of town ones. Nothing major like SDCC, but Chicago and Atlanta cons. I’m hoping to branch out to others soon.

knxvvledge: Copy, copy, copy. We can definitely see the influence that anime has had on you. From the dope Akira jacket that you rock on the regular, to the overwhelming Sailor Moon collection you sport lol. Why Sailor Moon though?

Lady Death Scythe: Yeah man that jacket is tough. One of my best purchases, lol. Sailor Moon though, I happened to catch that one super early morning when it used to come on the USA channel. Super random, lol. But I caught it right when Sailor Mars made her appearance and I was like, wow this bitch is bad! I had no idea what it was called and never saw it again. But one Christmas, my brother happened to get me the Sailor Moon “Evil Eyes” VHS, with Sailor Mars on the cover. I’m like “OMG IT’S HER!!” And been hooked ever since!! Sailor Moon is also what really got me into drawing anime females. The overall body types, the faces, long legs, short skirts. ALL sailor moon influenced.

knxvvledge: So sailor Moon had a huge impact on your art style? Because your art displays a lot of undercover homage to the girls of power. That’s dope as fuck. It also reminds me of J Scott Campbell.

Lady Death Scythe: I like to switch up my styles. When I draw anime, it’s heavily influenced by Sailor Moon. When I draw more “westernized,” it’s definitely J Scott, and Michael Turner (RIP :(). They’re my favorite comic artists.

knxvvledge: Both of you guys share a unique art form that’s going to leave a beautiful mark on the industries current necessities in the commission department. Any art you currently working on?

Lady Death Scythe: I have a few commission requests right now, even though I haven’t actually taken any due to just being busy with life, lol. As much as I would like to get snapping on the requests, it’s hard juggling it with work, you know?

knxvvledge: Yup. We definitely understand. You ever think about going full time with your art? Maybe entering the comic industry or manga genre?

Lady Death Scythe: I would consider it, but I would prefer to do character designs or something behind the scenes. I struggle with action poses and backgrounds, lol. I’d rather do the more simple things. Plus I like designing the costumes and whatnot, especially for female characters.

knxvvledge: You should try teaming up with a writer and creating your own story. I mean, that way you can design the characters and outfits and scenery, and have another artist draw the story out. You ever considered creating your own anything? Video game characters? Anime? I know you have something lying around that’s an original idea.

Lady Death Scythe: Me and my brother have had this idea going since I was in like 6th grade. But he’s more of the story writer and I’m the “artist,” but I can’t do all the visuals if all I can really do is character designs lol. We need a whole team for the things he has in mind with the story, which is why we’ve never done anything with it.

knxvvledge: Listen, with your talent, we HAVE to get that story out lol. Let’s wrap this bad boy up with the final question. What would you say to someone that looks up to you and sees you as a hero? How would you motivate them to pick up that pencil and sketch like nothing else matters?

Lady Death Scythe: To be honest, it’s hard to motivate people when I don’t think highly of my work. I’d tell them, if you’re passionate about it, DO IT! Don’t be like me and underestimate yourself. If that’s your dream and what you want to do, go for it. Don’t get stuck at a job you hate, wishing you would have done what you wanted to do. I had people telling me that, and I didn’t listen. I mean, it’s never too late, but you know, lol.

knxvvledge: Very well spoken. Thanks for giving us the chance to interview you, and a huge thank you for the opportunity to talk to an artist with a natural talent. Sammie, we want to see you go far in this business. MAKE THAT STORY HAPPEN. Sam aka Sammie aka Beezie and knxvvledge out. 


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