One Piece Chapter 844 Review

Luffy’s confrontation with Sanji reached a bloody climax in this chapter. After telling Luffy off Sanji was ready to go off with his father’s plans to marry into the vinsmoke family to protect his friends and Zeff. Luffy knew that Sanji was lying and called him out on it and he told him he would not leave until he came back. Sanji the proceeded to kick Luffy senseless until he could not stand. Nami was watching in tears a sanji relentlessly kicked her captain while Sanji’s brothers were laughing during the beating. Berfore Sanji went back in the carriage with the rest of his family Nami slapped him in the face and said her goodbyes but then Luffy got up and told him that he would not eat or move from that spot until Sanji decided to come back and feed him. Hearing this, Sanji started crying and reminiscing of when he first joined Luffy’s crew. Luffy then shouted at him and told him he can’t become pirate king without him as the chapter ended.


This was a pretty emotional chapter as we see this side of Sanji but there is one thing that bothers me with this whole situation. This whole fiasco with Sanji reminds me of the Water 7 incident with Robin. The whole “crew mate leaving the straw hats to protect them” story line is pretty overused now. They even did it with Nami in the Arlong Park arc and Nami again in the Strong World movie witch is kind of canon. But overall it was a decent chapter of One Piece. Repetitive but decent.


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