Toriko Chapter 393 Review

Toriko is one of the craziest series I have ever read. I never thought that I would have sympathy for Acacia. But looking at the way he went out I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional at his departure. Acacia’s goal wasn’t to consume everything but to help solve Neo’s appetite and for Pair to see his people again. We also get to see Teppei use a planetary style knocking with Jirou’s spirit assisting him spiritually. The chapter ends with Acacia vomiting(yes vomiting) all the ingredients Neo ate in the last eon with Blue Oni showing pure excitement over all the food.


This chapter was crazy by every sense of the word. It had character development for Acacia and Pair which I didn’t see coming at all and that huge moment for Teppei. Acacia was actually looking out for Pair and Neo the whole time but not for evil means. We also see Pair, a character who showed nothing but anger and savagery actually feel a warm longing for his fallen brethren. Teppei getting to see his grandfather again to perform that huge attack was also cool but I guess we won’t ever know what his parents were like. It’s always hype whenever we get to see Blue Oni but this time we might be able to see his true awakened form with Toriko when he eats some of the ingredients Acacia spewed out. It’s looking like this is gonna be the last arc for Toriko however and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends at chapter 400. But overall this was a great chapter of Toriko.


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