Deadly Class Issue #23 Review

The Kuroki family isn’t a family to be taken lightly.

Kenji, Saya’s older brother, finally makes an appearance in Deadly Class #23 and shows that he’s running things now in Tokyo. Him hinting that he might have killed off all of the elders in Japan. It might have been a small preview of who he is, I like him. Shows he’s not like his father and will do anything he wants. Even makes an order to go to the United States to get his katana and Saya.


Master Lin and Saya go through an immense training session with him teaching her throughout the fight. Teaching her that morals mean nothing. That they hold you back in times where you are supposed to be the most potent. Ethics equal weakness. I’m still skeptical on Master Lin. He’s teaching her the right way to become an assassin, but he still is directly behind Marcus getting killed as well. He sends her on a task to learn more and more about the mysterious and beautiful Zenzele as she becomes Saya’s new pledge.


They end up seeing Saya after class and Quan invites her to come hangout with the gang; Zenzele, Helmut, and himself as they play Dungeons and Dragons. One small little detail that I noticed as everyone is choosing their characters is that Zenzele is making sure the game isn’t satanic. Which leads me to believe she is very religious. Even so to the point that her character is a soldier for Jesus. RCO017_1478100671.jpg

One second, but the art and character designs when they were role playing was just perfect. All praises to Wes Craig.



We got blessed with amazing art but my favorite part of this issue came with Tosahwi. Him voicing his frustrations with how the world is so one sided for white Americans is nice to see in his first appearance. You really get to feel his raw emotion through the panels.rco022_1478100671rco023_1478100671

Overall just a cool issue. It wasn’t a crazy action packed. but you get a small insight on the new students and Kenji Kuroki. The tasks that Zenzele is about to go through will be amazing to see as well.




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