Avengers 1 Review – A Kang War?

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’alfonso, Cory Petit
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 2, 2016

Avengers #1 is exactly what you would expect. It’s an action packed affair as usual that adds a few heroes to the gang and places them against a tyrant of a villain who I love to see. The All-New, All-Different Avengers team barely had any time together at all before they were split in two by Civil War II. Now, Marvel’s latest Avengers series is putting their flagship heroes together again with some fantastic visuals along for the ride.


Writer Mark Waid assembles the team of Thor, Captain America, Vision, The Wasp, Hercules, Spider-Man, and yes, Redwing (He’s Cap’s partner mind you, not his pet bird) by book’s end, and successfully builds on subplots from the previous series. The humor level stays traditionally high with the addition of Hercules and Spider-Man. Marvel is still pushing Peter’s new status quo as a billionaire industrialist, or as I should say Tony Stark 2.0 and losing that touch of the hero we have all grown to love.

As for why the Avengers are in a battle with Kang, that has to do with some pretty shocking actions by one Avenger in particular, who as of late has been f*!&%#^ up everywhere. I don’t even know if you can say his actions have be “misguided” but, the fact that multiple versions of Kang have joined forces helps set this latest Avengers vs. Kang 2.0 battle apart. More importantly, the fact that Vision is both the catalyst and (arguably) the villain of this arc helps prevent it from playing out as a straightforward clash between good and evil. And we could be in for quite a big turn of events as I wish I could show you what the Kang’s have up their sleeves.

Okay so, part of what makes Avengers #1 distinguishable from previous relaunches is the stunning art of Mike Del Mundo. Del Mundo’s art is terrific and he packs in a ton of personality into his panels. For example, when Peter introduces the Avengers to their potential new headquarters, his facial expressions are priceless! Del Mundo brings a very unique look to this series; he is an unquestionably talented artist, rendering some of the most creative and striking cover images in the industry and breathing new life into the more surreal corners of the Marvel Universe. His styles brings such a surreal and psychedelic type of style to his art, making it seem old school and I love it.


Mark Waid does a great job of tailoring this issue to Del Mundos’ style, especially when Kang and the Scarlet Centurion bound through the time stream and reality begins to unravel. One of my favorite panels of this issue. This Avengers saga begins its new stage on slightly shaky ground. The teams dynamic definitely suffers from the fact that the younger characters have departed to form their own team. Plus Del Mundos’ art is amazing, but this was a great issue to kick off what’s to come. Metal Fingers over and out!



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