Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Review


In this week’s episode of Super we see a sample of Zamasu’s fused power against Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks. After failing with the mafuba technique Zamasu decided to pull out his trump card against Trunks. As the fight against Zamasu raged on with Goku and Vegeta, Bulma and Mai were able to create distance between themselves and the fight so they could work on the time machine as the 3 saiyans continued in their fight. As the fight went on it seemed that Trunks and Vegeta had Zamasu on the ropes, however they were soon overpowered and the Zamasu directed his attention to Goku. with the two attacking each other as the episode ended.


Only thing that held this episode back from being great was the animation from the middle of the episode. Besides that the fights and visuals looked good and Zamasu’s new arsenal of attacks were very impressive. Trunks and Vegeta’s dual galick gun(ho) against him was a very cool moment as well as Zamasu overpowering Vegeta and Goku. My personal favorite was the energy based sabers that rained down on Goku and Vegeta and exploded on impact. Next episode we get to see Vegito again and we will see where the fight leads from there. This episode also knocked out the speculation that Zamasu’s new form is semi-mortal since the character confirmed that’ he’s still immortal. Overall this was a good episode and I can’t wait to see Vegito kick some ass in super saiyan blue.


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