#freshmanfriday #1

#freshmanfridays is finally here but we decided to drop a day early due to Veterans Day.
Every Friday I give a change for an underground low-key artist, regardless of genre, to showcase their music to help promote them.

The first installment brings us to a cat named skinnybiggie aka RashOddTonesy. He recently released a project on Soundcloud entitled “Summer Sparks.” The Hip-Hop style he delivers gives off a mix of new school rap intertwined with old school Hip-Hop, R&B, and features homage to classic sampling.


One of my favorite tracks, The SELFISH Interlude, takes us on a psychedelic trip to another era of music along with a trip to the golden age of technology. The Classic AOL dial up tone is definitely a mood setter and brings so many memories.

Another track simply entitled Can I? delivers an emotional amount of lyrics layered on top of a melancholy instrumental created by Bliss.

One more track that stood out to me is called Grooves with an 80’s-90’s dance style hooked layered by Lyrik B.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what we think. Your opinion is what matters here so go ahead and listen to Summer Sparks on soundcloud right now.


Follow RashOdd Tonesy on Instagram



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