knxvvledge’s thoughts on Star Wars: Rogue One

First off, let’s show love to these gorgeous movie posters…



Okay…this review is strictly based off of MY opinion. None of my partners had anything to do with this. Also, I will not be dropping spoilers because there are plenty of people that have yet seen the film.

Okay…sigh…this film was a good star wars movie. I expected a lot more from it before going in to see it(expected to see some of the Jedi purging and what not) but I was taken off guard once the plot unfolded and witnessed what I was in for. The build up was surprisingly exceptional, especially since the second act of the movie catered so well to the first one. The strategy was performed beautifully and yet many people hated the ending, I felt it to be emotional. Very emotional indeed. You know what??? F*** this, SPOILERS INCOMING.

The ending scene with Darth Vader was one of the greatest depicting scenes of Vader with a light saber in Star Wars history. I was blown away and we’ve finally come to realize why many people saw “Lord Vader” as a man to be afraid of. One of the greatest Sith to ever wield a red light saber. I can even say that scene was just as scary as the scene in Episode 7 when Kylo Ren stopped a beam blast in mid air using the force. Yes, it was THAT good.

The crew of “Rogue One” had a fatal ending but it was all for the greater good of the rebellion, and in fact, I suggest you watch Episode 4 directly after so you can appreciate the film even more and appreciate what the crew sacrificed their lives for.

I’m still bummed out that we didn’t see any of the Jedi Purging or at least had one “Jedi” make an “appearance” but what do you expect? All in all, I’d give it a 8/10 for plot, structure, and execution.



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