Detective Comics #946 Review + JL/MMPR + Lil Durk

RELEASE DATE 12/14/2016
James Tynion IV
Eddy Barrows on the PENCILS
Eber INKS Ferreira
COLORS Adriano Lucas

Before I proceed with how I felt about this issue, I want to go back to issue 940 to express how said I was that Red Robin “DIED” for our sins and also wanted to inform you guys to pick up the Rafael Albuquerque variants for the series.


Okay, we jump ahead to issue 946 to a scene of Batman and Tim talking before the team is brought together.


The Victim Syndicate are back at it again trying to destroy the Bats and this time it seems as if he’s finally had enough, even going to the point in calling in Azrael for help. Batman comes face to face with Victim #1 and the battle commences. The artwork is phenomenal by the way. Superb actually.


Stephanie Brown comes face to face with a Limited Response Program created by Tim Drake and delivers a stream of unwanted emotions that had undergone the subject of her father, Batman, why she is the Spoiler(Read Batman Eternal), and many other dealings that are currently affecting her livelihood. At this point in the story Clayface is dealing with Mudface and trying to persuade her that all she is doing is wrong. Basil confidently tricks her into wearing a device that will help her achieve her normal human structure. Immediately after becoming normal again, she is shocked by an electrical current and knocked out. The story progresses as Batwoman is going toe to toe with Madame Crow as the fuel that lights her fire skyrockets as she delivers a blow that knocks her down. Bluebird is clearing the facility as Cassandra makes an appearance to help as best as she can.


The fighting comes to an end with Azrael seemingly “double crossing” the team maybe? Who knows. The thing is with Azrael, you never truly know his intentions until the climactic portion of the story because that’s just the type of guy he is.

NOTE Boom Studios and DC will be teaming up to bring us a Justice League / Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover event that will be LAUNCHING in January 2017, so make sure to go check that out. I have a feeling it will be “tasteful.”


I wrote this review listening to

Lil Durk – Baller


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