Reborn #3 Review + Kaskade x deadmau5

RELEASE DATE 12/14/2016
WRITER Mark Millar
Greg Capullo on the PENCILS
Jonathan INKS Glapion

Reborn is still on the fast track to becoming the new ongoing comic king and issue 3 brings it even closer.

In issue 2, Estelle White has turned Bonnie away and Golgotha’s darkness and army is spreading more and more like a plague across the lands while becoming bolder. Issue 3 confirms this when a flock of dragons led by King Arimathea swoop in over the line devouring everything in their path.


The issue builds more plot and background as Bonnie and her father stumble upon the grave and statue of Estelle Whites’ husband “The Faerie King,” while continuously holding a convo and recollecting melancholy emotions about the aftermath of her father’s death. Trust me, all guys want to know if their wives have moved on after death. Suddenly, they are attacked by an unknown gang and Roy is thrown off of the cliff during the scuffle.


After the small attack, to me it seems as if we get a glimpse of how far a gossiping faeries word can travel, as one of the assailants says “Wow. The Faeries were right. She really doesn’t have her special abilities yet.” I also seem to spot a bit of power evolving the panel where Bonnie’s vision is altered a bit. Bonnie and her father awaken in “Il Mago’s Quarter,” a faction of the Dark Lands under Lord Golgotha’s rule. There, Bonnie is introduced to a slave trader named Koti. Adystria’s Warrior-Queen is held captive with spell-bound chains and her magic sword is swiftly removed from her. Koti contacts Lord Frost, who seems to be under going his own schemes.
Personal Thought: Lord Frost is DEFINITELY going to be revealed as either a good character later down the road or will end up killing Golgotha in plot to amass higher power. I guarantee this. I can bet my life on it. It’s too easy to read.


It seems near the end of the issue, Bonnie’s powers are awakening but at a slow pace. They escape from Koti and are helped by a black cloaked figure to disappear through a sort of portal. But in the end, it was all a trick used to get Bonnie and Big Tom to Black Wish Mountain, better known as Il Mago’s Dungeons. The issue ends and leaves me to wonder how in the hell are they going to escape a mountain that is floating in the middle of the red sky.


I’m trying my best to continue to write reviews at least on a weekly basis but things are rough at this moment while we are working on the youtube/twitch portion of iLLest viLLains and changing staff members. Just bare with us guys.

I wrote this review while listening to

Kaskade & deadmau5 Feat. Skylar Grey – Beneath With Me (Kaskade’s V.4)


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