Batman #13 Review

RELEASE DATE 12/21/2016
Mikel Janin with the PENCILS and INKS
by June Chung

Okay!!! I Am Suicide Part 5 gets the ball rolling with scenes and panels of Batman bowing down towards Bane in order to retrieve Psycho Pirate to save Gotham Girl from her inevitable fate. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to backtrack and read issues 1-12 to understand everything. The story quickly shifts to Amanda Waller entering the Bat Cave, sneaking upon Alfred as he spit shines the famous Suit case. She explains his whereabouts with a line that I feel is the complete opposite of what she assumes. “He’s in Santa Prisca, dying, on a mission I planned.” Bruce Wayne does not die folks, ever, he is literally Jesus Christ born again.


Bane continues to try and mentally break Batman with words of anguish, suffering, commitment, false hope, and determination. Simply stating that they leave their world of comfort to seek out monsters based on the fact that they themselves cannot commit suicide. A bullet to the head would simply do the trick but they can’t come to the realization of the act. Bane continues to batter Batman to the ground which a speech of no longer requiring the venom to feed off of, but instead needs the Psycho Pirate to live the life he needs. A basis that he will NOT be giving up the Psycho Pirate to save a person that Batman needs to save. How does Bruce Wayne respond??? Take a look…


THIS IS WHERE S*** GETS EPIC. Wesker, Bronze Tiger, Cat, Punch, and Jewlee assume the position and the plan to retrieve Psycho Pirate and BREAK BANES BACK begins execution.


I’m not going to say anything else because it gets better from this point on. Just know that issue #13 of Batman by Tom King is definitely a 9/10. Tom King has definitely delivered quality content and is doing justice with the Batman Title.


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