Thanos #2 Review

RELEASE DATE 12/21/2016
WRITER Jeff Lemire the GOD
Mike Deodato and Frank Martin on the ART

In Issue #1, Thanos has returned to his seat of rule by killing Corvus Glaive. His son Thane and a hired companion are now on the hunt to kill Thanos. Also, Thanos is dying…..

This issue begins with an introduction and synopsis about the planet Nulla. A vegetative rich planet soiled with medicinal herbs as far as the eye can see. The planet is said to be inhabited by the peaceful Nullans who absorb the knowledge of healing as the days wander on. A planet where the youth nurse the old and tired into the next life, so that their souls can absorbed into the land itself to be reborn as eons pass. However, Thanos has arrived and f****d s*** up…pissed off at the fact that even the Nullans cannot cure him of his illness.


Meanwhile, the story shifts to the pirate Nebula who at the moment is stealing “The Collector’s” cargo from a ship to actually sell it back to him for the double the profit. As she is ready to bail out, Starfox intercepts her for the trip to Titan.


At that very moment, Thanos has landed on the tiny moon of Gilgrath at the edge of the Shi’Ar Empire. Thanos comes into contact with his mentor and father and explains his situation. Thanos is becoming weaker as the days continue to stretch on but he is still the Mad Titan. His father begins to deliver a speech of the pure evil that Thanos has committed over the years, including killing millions, taking the life of his own mother, destroying and enslaving planets. The Mad Titan responds with a speech of his own. A powerful doctrine of evil if you will call it, delivering a threat to his father that is already being fulfilled at that very instant. Scientists will burn and die, innocents will not escape, and will come to feel the true power of Thanos. The story shifts again to Thane welcoming Starfox, Tryco, and Nebula.


You guys know I like to keep my reviews short because I don’t like to spoil too many things for you. Let’s just say words are exchanged, panels are shifted, and things escalate very quickly.


The end to a mediocre review on an amazing issue. 7.5/10


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