Civil War 2 #8 Thoughts

I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with an overall rating of the event. 2/10.
Also, I am in no way bashing Brian Michael Bendis in this article. He is the only good point I have when it comes to Marvel Comics these days.

It has been a very bumpy road this year with the work that Marvel has been pushing out, and unfortunately, none of it has been good. Brian Michael Bendis has been doing the best that he can to save the studio but it may be time for him to travel on over to Image Comics and bring us some quality work.

Civil War 2 #8 concludes the event that has not only killed off Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and James Rhodes(War Machine), but completely reversed all the work that Hickman had left us with before his beautiful departure. Most of the characters have been icons in the marvel world for decades and to see them killed off for poorly written diversity is something the comic community is not taking so well to.

Most of the issue focused on panels of battle and melancholy moments as the heroes watched the fight unfold in awe and despair as two of their best and closest friends duked it out for what seems to be the final time, given Tony Stark is left in an uncomfortable condition(He is also replaced by Riri Williams and Victor Von Doom as Iron Men, which is actually written perfectly, thank you Bendis).


The issue continues with more pressing confusion and disappointment as Ulysses foresees visions of what seems to look like promotion of future marvel events. Marvel, come on guys. Are you telling us that Ulysses was really only a plot device created and formatted to shape the future of an already failing marvel brand? Disgusting. (I picked the panels below because of the artwork. GORGEOUS)


Unfortunately, the comic gets worse as you read on. Explaining it would only bring about a much bigger headache that I am already experiencing so I’ll include the panel.


The only way for Marvel to recover from a mess like this is to listen to the fans. Please involve is.



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