Deadly Class #25 Review

RELEASE DATE 12/28/2016
WRITER Rick Remender
Wes Craig on the ART
Jordan Boyd with the COLORS

Deadly Class resumes right where issue 24 left off. The gang out partying mindlessly seemed very innocent until Saya’s family walks in ready to crush and break her spirit, dragging her home to a life of misfortune and discomfort. For kids attending a school of assassins, half the team running of away from Kenji’s Syndicate seems to rule out that they were not meant to lead this life of death and darkness. Saya goes off the wall, finally getting to blow off the steam that she has had built up, targeting anything that moves.


Saya and Zenzele undergo a quick conversation while dodging the flying metal, glass, and smoke thats shooting all around them. The only thing on Saya’s mind is to get her pledge to safety but Zenzele see’s nothing but confusion. The Kamiga brothers(Saya’s cousins) hired by Kenji arrive to finish the job. In a far alley, Helmut continues to unleash his fury blowing skulls open and delivering fiery blows to heads of the Syndicate. The furious Dungeon Master player prays to Crom as he kills, all while in the background Quan arrives to join the battle.


The story quickly shifts to battle, or shall I say the beating, Saya in engaged in. Her cousins desperately beat on her, all to break her spirit, and disassemble her plans of revenge for the future that awaits her after graduation. Zenzele is frozen while in shock, realizing what the world has to offer for her. Saya lifts herself to realize that the future is not set in stone, and in order to arise to the true vision she seeks, she must live and become stronger than what she already is. She flees taking Zenzele with her in an act to stay alive. However, events surface and Zenzele snaps showing her true power.



Unfortnately, I will not be continuing with this review off of the simple fact that this may have been the best deadly class issue ending ever. I did not expect that and trust me, s*** went down, truly down. Rick Remender continues to deliver with QUALITY that matters to us comic fans and readers. I rate this issue a 10/10. I also want to take out a moment to inform anyone that has never heard of this series to quickly hop on the bandwagon. There are only certain books that I truly do enjoy reading and Deadly Class is one of them. The diction used by Rick seems to give a rise to the thoughts that jump into my head while reading, something prolific and fulfilling the natural neediness that the brain demands. For a book such as deadly class to bring me ideas that I want to add to my series is truly A+ material.



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