Future Quest #8 Review + RedBone by Childish Gambino

RELEASE DATE 12/28/2016
WRITER Jeff Parker
ART Ariel Olivetti

I want to start off by saying what a remarkable job artist Ariel Olivetti is bringing to this issue. The artwork is bringing another “floss factor” to the meaning of colors and detail. Shoutout to Flossy Carter for that line.

The issue opens up beautifully portraying Quest and the gang being left behind while the adults continue their journey to find a solution to the world eater known as Omnikron and how to rescue Quest and a member of the galaxy trio from F.E.A.R. Meanwhile, Birdman and party are battling Omnikron himself in the open plains of Utah, trying to somehow subdue the alien before he can continue his rampage and fulfill his plans of world “vacuuming” as you can state it. However, Omnikron sees that there is no logical reason to stay in Utah and feed off organisms and life to grow when none exist around him. He retreats through his Vortex to find another location, LA. The story shifts to Dr. Quest located in the F.E.A.R. base under captivity along with Jace of the Space Trio. Words are exchanged before Agent 1 sees Archimedes Zin as a scorpion and spy to the F.E.A.R. organization and quickly calls for him to be taken into custody as well. The first half of the issue was definitely interesting because I didn’t see that twist coming at all. The entire series, Zin was portrayed as a disgusting character with a mind so evil, that others hated to even speak his name. Now is he really a spy, who knows. Maybe agent 1 is being paranoid.


The second half of the issue opens with Omnikron arriving in LA directly where the Impossibles and Space Ghost are. Police arrive and the entire situation goes off the wall when Omnikron feeds on the officers, growing larger and more powerful. The story shifts back to Johny Quest and the gang with Jan giving a little insight on her memories from how she and her comrades got to Earth. We are given some background information from the first 2 issues of the series that states that Omnikron is a world eater, converting planets into lifeless husks. The previous Space Force drew the defeated beast into a deep chasm where the creature had been feeding and growing on life unknown to the force that planted him there. Space Ghost once again fought the revived creature on the planet Azmot before landing on Earth. Birdman and Mightor decide to pursue Omnikron through the Vortex but it closes on them while inside; however, while inside the dimension, they come across the Herculoids from Azmot who have been trapped inside this space since the last fight. The story once again shifts to Dr. Zin and Dr. Quest being led to demise when one of the agents go rogue and decide to help the Doctors escape. What an end to a beautiful issue, and also one of my favorite reads this year. I can NOT wait for issue 9.


I wrote this review while listening to Childish Gambino – Redbone


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