knxvvledge’s top 5 comic issues of 2016

2016 has been a very important year in comics for me. So many rare CGC and CBCS graded books that I have bought, owned, sold, and even raffled off. The amount of variant covers I have purchased this year is also off the charts. But I think what really impacted my year for comics has been the stories and books that have launched, the cliffhangers, and most importantly the issues that have changed my perspective and reintroduced my love for said series. If I were to do a top 10 comic series of 2016, this list would have been very different. I wanted to take it step further by listing my favorite comic ISSUES of 2016.

#5. Descender 17

Issue 17 of Descender to me was the best issue of the series that I have read, and is easily one of the best comics issues of any series that I have read this year. Not only was the art magnificent as always, but the story was phenomenal. This one the only issue where half of the pages included scenes with no words. Tim-21 is trying to escape the clutches of Tim-22 and ends releasing his inner and dark power that completely kills him in an instant, all while Andy is busy having sex, and Dr.Quon is attempting to flee the planet with Telsa. The thing is, when it was revealed that Tim-21 shared code similar to the Harvesters, we knew he would play a bigger role than we had already witnessed. The fact that his darkness awoken and was much more powerful than expected shocked me.

#4. Batman 51

Bruce Wayne is finally Batman again, ending the Superheavy arc with Gordon finally released from his duties as “Batman” and Mr. Bloom done for. We all waited for that to happen. The thing about this issue that really caught my eye was the fact that nothing happened, yet SO MUCH happened. Bruce Wayne is suited up and ready to role yet there is nothing to do in the city. Batman begins to roam and we are taken through panels and scenes of Gothams villains ranging from the Penguin to Joker. Unfortunately and thankfully, there is still no action. When Batman finally arrives at what he thinks is crime, it is actually a writer finishing up his segment in the paper called “Gotham Is…” The beautiful thing is throughout the entire issue while being taken through these panels of memorable villains and city highlights, the story is narrated with the words of the Gotham Is column, making a great Gotham City and Batman homage issue.

#3. Omega Men 12

Many people will debate that Vision is maybe Tom King’s best written book but to me, Omega Men is still number 1. Issue 12 finally brought an end to the war that was being fought against the Viceroy and the Citadel by the Omega Men. Kyle Rayner, the white lantern, went through hell and back to help save the free planets from the Viceroys clutches because of the Stellarium needed to survive. The Princess Kalista, now the Queen Kalista closes out the issue and story by chopping off the head of the viceroy in front of the rest of the Omega Men WHICH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR since the early issues. One thing that really made m enjoy this series is that I have never really read a Green Lantern story, so to start off with this group that has a member of the lanterns, a white lantern at that, has brought about a new love that I have for Lanterns. Kyle Rayner being my favorite.

#2. Deadly Class 21

I have never read an issue that has f****** me up in the head like Deadly Class issue 21. Beautifully written. Beautifully drawn. Beautifully executed to the point where I almost wanted to fight everyone in my way. The final exams are under way and the mission was to kill all of the rats for points. One by one, the team was falling apart and the final blow lands when Saya stabs Marco through the chest with her sword which NO ONE seen coming from a mile away. My mind was blown after I read this issue and even went to instagram to post that this was maybe a top 5 comic issue I ever read in my life. Deadly Class has continued to be amazing and honestly, I wanted to add issue 25 to this list as well because OH MY GOD you need to read it.

#1. Secret Wars 9

Of course this would be my number 1 comic for the year. Fun fact, this is also my favorite comic event to date. Hickman THE GOD wrote this entire event beautifully. I waited months to see the outcome of the marvel universe and Reed Richards along with the Future Foundation saved the world like no one else could. Thanos is killed by Doctor Doom. Black Panther wielded the Infinity Gauntlet while releasing the zombies along with the ultrons and venoms. Doctor Strange is dead. Miles helps molecule man. So much happened during this event. My favorite portion however was during this issue where Reed Richards along with his son Franklin recreated Battleworld into a new multiverse. Reed Richards using a slingshot mechanic would take a part of molecule man and fuse it with an alternate universe created by Franklin Richards and throw into the vacuum of space repeatedly until a new multiverse was birthed. Everyone awoke in a world of their own. Black Panther to a broken Wakanda. Jane Foster Thor once again. Miles as the new Spiderman while Peter Parker retired in a sense. One of my favorite panels however was a once ruling God Doom back in Latveria with a RECOVERED face. No longer injured. Now incredibly human with no need for the mask but a buff in his powers. Another panel that saddened me however is that after everything was fixed, Reed Richards and the Future Foundation set off and to this day, have not been present in any marvel comic, even though we have seen Storm and Ben. Will Reed return? I hope it happens very soon.

Those are my top 5 picks for best issues this year. What are yours?




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