One Piece Chapter 851 Review


It looks like this arc is narrowing towards the conclusion but the only issue is how the Vinsmoke family (preferably Reiju) is going to escape. Also as it turns out Pudding is a massive bitch, not only did she turn down the thought of being with Sanji, she also questioned why ANY woman would want to be with him. Sad part is that Sanji genuinely kind of liked her, but then again he likes pretty much every girl he sees so he’ll be fine. Also we learn that Pudding’s devil fruit can take away people’s memories and the potential impact that she could have to the overall story with this given ability is huge. But FINALLY Jinbei is back and ready to bust Luffy and Nami out of their cells and get Sanji out of here.

This was was a good set up chapter, however even though this isn’t in typical Oda fashion the one thing that would make this arc more memorable is if Jinbei dies in this arc. However I don’t see this happening at all. I also don’t have a problem with Jinbei joining the Straw Hats but I’m not sure how he truly fits in. What I mean is his gimmick like how every crew member has. Only thing that stands out is how he is a fishman and besides that I don’t know what he’s bringing besides being another powerful fighter. Going forward I feel like this could have major implications for the Wano Kuni arc with Big Mom potentially coming into the picture. Overall this was a good chapter and hte next one to come out should have a faster pace to it.


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