Avengers #3 Review

WRITER Mark Waid
ART Mike del Mundo
Alex Ross with the COVER ART
VARIANT COVER (below) by Julian Totino Tedesco



Okay, BOOM! The issues starts off with Nadia aka The Wasp carrying baby Kang through the timestream to get him back to the time he belongs. Nadia continues to fly through the timestream as history itself tries to knock her out of the fight. She reminds us of the backstory for issue 2 which showed us that the magic in Hercules necklace is keeping the Avengers alive since Kang killed them all as infants in the timestream. Nothing in this battle can turn the tides besides Nadia fulfilling her mission of placing the baby emperor back into his rightful place during the correct time setting.


The war against Kang rages on as the Avengers do their best to bring time back to a steady tick. Blows between Vision and Kang are exchanged while Peter Parker delivers jokes of steady dullness. What would a good Spiderman fight be without the dull jokes? Thor’s hammer is frozen in time by Kang and Vision helps Jane recover it quickly before she reverts back to Jane Foster. While the fight continues, both Kangs realize that Wasp and the baby Kang have disappeared amidst the timestream, traveling to reverse the effects that the Conquerer has already set in stone. They travel towards the future and come across the Wasp, doing everything to stop her from going any further; however, history pulls her into the 26th century where the remaining priests of PAMA confess that they’re there to help her. Mark Waid adds to the story with a detailed explanation of the priests evolution as time raced on, granting them powers of Chronal ability. “An infant ripped from its rightful place in the timestream gradually bestowed upon us a range of minor chronal powers. Over the centuries they have changed us, and our children, and their children. Now time itself is our sustenance. Carefully, surgically, we extract meaningless seconds, inconsequential minutes. It is what sustains us.” Basically to break it down for you, Kang creates Time Paradoxes to feed off of time and history itself, while the priests of PAMA use the paradoxes to preserve time and history and rid it of contradictions.


The battle continues with the famed Olympian throwing blows with the help of Thor, Captain America, and Spiderman. More steady dull jokes occur. Deal with it guys. That’s what makes Spiderman great. The priests desperately do as much as they can to convince Nadia of handing over the baby to throw him into the eternal flame of PAMA, thus resulting in Kang never existing but she refuses to kill an infant. Nadia leaves the infant in a safe haven while she flies through the eternal flame to the battle where the rest of the Avengers are. The flame undoes the infanticide and Thors hammer breaks the time barrier, ripping space and brings the Kangs into the space of the priests of PAMA who begin to feed on them. The Avengers warp through the timestream to the event of Vision kidnapping infant Kang, where she lays the child down and reverses the effects of the act that started the entire Kang war.


The issue ends with Vision whispering to Nadia the reason everything must be done and set in stone and leaves a worrisome expression on her face. We think this is the end of the war but Captain America comes up with an idea that can end Kangs rule without disrupting the timestream; however, we won’t get to see what happens until issue 4. All in all, great story and phenomenal artwork as usual. 5/5.




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