Batman #14 Appreciation

Tom King with the SCRIPT
Mitch Gerard with the PENCILS, INKS, and COLORS
by Stephanie Hans

This issue was simply a beautiful creation and showed the caped crusader go toe to toe with his true inner demons. From the dialogue that set the tone for the story, Rooftops Part 1 is definitely one of the best Batman issues written by Tom King so far. Bruce Wayne and Cat share a deep connection and the conversation concerning her return to imprisonment sets off a chain reaction of regret and love. The duo begin their night fighting the evils in Gotham to Bruce Wayne helping Selena COMMIT a robbery, to the finale of love making on top of the roof under the stars and bright lights of the bat signal. I’m going to throw some panels to show the beautiful artwork and progression of the story. This isn’t a review, simply a small summary on my love for this issue and series guys. knxvvledge out!




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