Saga #41 Review

Brian K. Vaughan
ART by Fiona Staples


Well yes, that just escalated very quickly. If you can’t remember, the end of issue 40 ended with an approaching timesuck, which pretty much means no survival if you don’t leave in time. What’s a timesuck you ask? Imagine a black hole but as a large being? No not Galactus. More like this…


Also, Sir Prince Robot IV was about to commit suicide but we don’t know if he went through with it because, CLIFFHANGER, hello Mc. Fly. ANYWAYS, the issue begins with Petrichor returning with no sign of Izabel anywhere but instead begins to spread the news of the approaching timesuck. Suddenly the conversation comes to a holt when Petrichors instincts come into play when she gets the smell of something in the shadows. Could be good, could be bad news. Honestly, its always bad news. I hope its bad news. The story continues to progress as we shift back to Sir Prince Robot IV with Alana in his midst ready to kill himself. He sees it as a fit outcome and believes that Alana would be a great mother and asset for his son, and that he is not fit to be a parent, when in actuality he is drugged out of his mind and has thoughts of bondage and wild sex with her, which he can’t control. L O L. Sir Prince is doped up to the point where he unleashes a blast towards Marko after he suddenly walks in, even though Marko seemed to block with his shield, he is knocked out immediately and wounded on the ground. Thus, leaving a pregnant Alana to knocking out Sir Prince right after over the head with a lamp.


Hazel narrates into the second half of the issue leading us to a scene of hide-and-seek where The March arrives in search for Hazel and her family. Hazel’s narration continues and The March delivers a speech of death and non excellence to his audience as he finally approaches his marks for the hunt. Hazel speaks of the sound of violence and her distaste for it while hiding in fear of death in front of her as the “devil” has come to take her from the living. A mere child gives us a statement that’s still lingering in my mind after reading it, saying “To this day, I still prefer the silence of space to the rhythmic din of worlds like my mom’s and dad’s. Peace always sound nice…but peace and quiet is the dream.” This statement is the holy line of this issue and more issues to come, not only delivering a factual belief in fiction, but a true belief in real life for peace is nothing but the halt of war, but peace and quiet is the true sought outcome of war on both sides. This statement is deeper than it looks guys. Moving on, The Will returns…


…and it looks like he wants Lying Cat to return to him in order to move on, asking Sophie if she would like to come along as well, training her into a Freelancer. Sophie declines and wishes to stay with Gwendolyn while Lying Cat does not want to part from Sophie either, leaving The Will empty handed. The story shifts back to the March ready to knock off some heads and Alana trying to negotiate and stall the best she can. However, s*** goes down. Hazel casts a spell to distract The March while her mother gets loose, leaving The March wide open, being shot multiple times and dying by Marko himself.


All in all, great issue. Definitely worth the read and definitely worth the purchase. Go catch up and join the bandwagon guys.


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