The Unworthy Thor #3 Review + Appreciation

Jason Aaron
ART by Kim Jacinto and Olivier Coipel
Matthew Wilson with the COLORS
by Ryan Sook


I want to start this issue off by showing my appreciation for Jason Aaron’s Thor. I never was a fan of Thor at all until Metal Fingers told me to read Thor: God of Thunder. Since than, I have fell in love with his persona and see Thor as more than a Brute, but as a God with a calm and loving heart for the worlds he slips through. Okay…this issue starts off with Odinson fighting off a horde of brutes as he slowly reminds himself of his current life without the hammer, dealing with regret and sorrow as images of the collector and Gorr the God killer depict in his cerebral. Losing the battle, he is thrown back in his cell enchained  and begins to hold a convo with a hel-hound who calls himself Deathripper one cell over.


The script continues as they share words of Loki and Odinson’s sister, Angela Queen of Hell when Odinson can no longer stand defeated while the new Hammer is but moments away. He breaks his chains and out of no where Beta Ray Bill appears to help the cause along with his faithful Stormbreaker. Beta Ray speaks of the collector stealing the entire realm of Asgard, along with a hauntingly familiar hammer full of power. Odinson sees a vision of Beta claiming the power for himself and quickly attacks yelling a powerful statement that reads “The Hammer is Mine.” Our shadowy figure (I’m PRAYING it’s the return of Gorr himself) arrives in the next panel speaking of his involvement to only deal with Thanos. Proxima Midnight begins to converse with power stating that his wishes will come ONLY when the Hammer that Thanos requires is delivered. Black Swan settles the mood and the three continue on with their journey.


The story shifts back to the battle being held between Odinson and Beta Ray Bill. Warrior Madness has overcome Odinson from the lack in confidence and defeat he has taken from being unworthy ever since the Original Sin event. Odinsons mind has slipped to almost the point of no return as the look in his eyes reflect rage, sadness, and a cry for help. Jason Aaron delivers an overwhelming narration from the voice of Odinson that reads “Warrior Madness. What my father called the sin unpardonable. I feel that berserker rage take control of me, feel my mind consumed with wanton wrath…feel my friends throat being crushed beneath my hands, and gods help me…I do not care.” Odinson delivers the finishing blow and creeps slowly towards Stormbreaker, showing his weakness at this point, desperately in search for any hammer or weapon for that matter that will help him regain his worthiness and bring a calm to his heart. However, Proxima Midnight and Black Swan interfere between the union thinking it is the hammer that Thanos seeks. Our hooded shadowy figure reveals that he has followed the wrong trail, and the weapon they seek is not the one Odinson shows desperation for. The true hammer shows strength and continues to grow in power before the Collector, when Thanos’s minions arrive to gladly take the object back to their master. A battle breaks out and the hammer itself cracks a shockwave of lightning of thunder, suppressing the fighters around it, bringing the collector to realize that the hammer seeks Odinson himself to make him worthy again.


Here’s why I love Jason Aaron. The last page of the issue takes me back to the Thor that I grew to love before he was even Thor. The Thor that defeated Gorr the God Killer with his present and future self. But this time around, Odinson wields the axe with a metal arm with Beta, the hel-hound, and his trusty goat Toothgnasher by his side. This issue and series is a 5/5 easily.


Final page of Unworthy Thor 3




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