The Kingdom of Solace

I ended up finding 2 of my old poems from 2012 and thought I would share them.

The Kingdom of Solace
The air is soft and the temple is weak.
Mischief draws the guards out one by one.

The clouds vanish and shadows fall from the aligned stars.
Black mist apprehends your majesty and the jester is cleansed from the Earth, rising to a gleaming Nova.

The guards return to protect and serve but the Queen has done all that she can and no longer needs to be tended to.

The strength of a thousand men but the courage of a Harlequin she remembers. He lingers in spirit and she tastes the sweet nectar of love.


My Last Ride
As light hits the pavement, my judgment of life becomes more undefined.
Seeping through the wounds.
Changing direction!

She came into the light bringing an undesirable pain that cleanses my wounds.

The sons of the beginning fall victim to change.
Unadaption severs the connection between mother and child; dust soars to signal the end.
Winter shatters into cold, cooling the soft air that reigns on my heart.

New life grows from my soul but does not yet flourish until light hits the pavement once more.
Oh how I linger for her heart and sweat, shining bright on thy soul.

Illuminating, illuminating, illuminating! Shining on the crystals oh heaven, waiting for the absence of others to be absent with her.


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