The Pegasus Project Part 1

*The year is PAE(Post-Apocalyptic Era) 45.
God has abandoned humanity because of their technological advancement and outrageous blasphemous acts.
In the year 2267, most of Earth’s population had begun to reside in the stars and had also begun to break the barrier on its universe, attempting to populate universes and locate the doors of Heaven itself and unseat the almighty. In return God has allowed his three children, Satan, Lucifer, and Helel, to wreak Havoc and wipe out humanity bringing about a reset to the cosmos.
In the year 2269 Lucifer decided to bring an end to all life on Earth, unleashing his Divel bomb unto the continent of New America-2, bringing plague and death planet-wide. Humanities population on Earth decreased tenfold from 14 billion to a mere 300,000.
In the year 2269-2, Satan and Helel called upon the powers of Nebuchandezzar and unleashed the Scythe of Isaiah across the universe, leaving no human alive. God believed Humans had been taught a lesson and reset the calendar of life, calling it PAE 0. 45 years have gone by since this day. This is how Nia von Kiareas fights back*

**alarms sound over loud speaker**
**L-sync level has reached a depth of 200k**
**Ionization level has reached maximum stasis**
**TLR chamber flux has reached 120%**
Nia: “He’s coming. Helel is coming to finish us off. Everyone to their stations.”
**Magnetic mechanization engaged. Ionization level critical**
**Acid Bay undocked.**
The alarm in the facility continues ringing as everyone runs about in a panic. It’s been 45 years since I’ve witnessed my mother and father get killed in front of my eyes. The heatwave was instant, melting their flesh, watching it ooze onto the ground. Witnessing the muscle tear away while their eyes popped. The bones brittling down and whisking away into the wind. I still have no recollection of my survival. Just a white light and a dream about the stars. Stars shining so bright in the vast darkness, bringing a tinted purple hue to the moons and planets all around me. It’s been 45 years since I woke up from that dream. It’s been 45 years of endless work in secrecy to exact my revenge upon the Heavens.
**alarms continue to sound over loud speaker**
**L-sync level has reached a depth of 100k**
**Maximum stasis of Ionization level stable**
**TLR chamber flux has reached 175%**
**Acid bay undocked**
**RX78-02 rising**
The roof of our German facility cracks open as Helel descends upon me with fire and the fury of his father. Disappointed in his brother Lucifer not reducing humanities numbers to zero, the rage inside of him begins to show face. I stand frozen while I wait for the RX78-02 to finish rising, watching as Helel annihilates the staff, setting fire to our equipment with a flame so blue, it resembles an ocean that I once knew. The oceans that are no more. The oceans have gone acidic and turned a darkish red color, reflecting the lives we lost and the price that my kind has paid for the blasphemy towards our lord and savior. Chaos and death is all around me, yet I cannot move. Helel notices and rushes towards me, grabbing me by the throat and continuing his advancement of my body into the wall. My back breaks. My spine shatters and I feel my entire body go numb. He looks at me in awe and wonders.
Helel: “Why do you not cower like the others?”
Nia: “Long have I waited for this day Helel. Long have I waited for the day the Gods return to finish their job of destruction. Long have I waited to unleash the true power of humanity. Helel, why did humans deflect? Why did we try to unseat the almighty himself?”
**alarms still ringing**
L-sync level has reached surface**
Maximum stasis of Ionization level stable**
TLR chamber flux has reached 200%**
**Acid bay docked, RX78-02 has reached surface level, opening chamber hatch**
Nia: “The answer is simple Helel. Because it was time for humanity to become the new Gods of the cosmos. 45 years have gone by since you and your brother Satan unleashed the Scythe of Isaiah stopping us in our tracks. 45 years have gone by since Lucifer dropped his Divel bomb and reduced us to rubble. I’ve worked endlessly for 45 years, creating a demigod to bring a terror to you murderers.”
Helel crushes my throat and blood spits from my mouth. I feel my life force seeping from my body. Death slowly awaits me. I am tossed aside like a rag doll. Helel’s disgust with me brings him to a point of no return, smashing my skull in his with left leg. My body is no more.

PROJECT PEGASUS: “Unfortunately Helel, my body is no longer here but my mind still lives. 45 years ago when your brother Lucifer dropped his Divel bomb onto our planet, an invisible cloud of ionized atoms lingered with his essence mixed in. I extracted his essence from a sample and began my revenge. I used this essence to build humanities army and bring about a demigod powerful enough to deliver the book of revelation to your fathers kingdom. Once the essence settled, I cultivated it for 45 years allowing it to grow and split, and grow, and split as it desired.
**footsteps grow closer from the chamber hatch**
PROJECT PEGASUS: Helel, I cloned your brother Lucifer. Say hello to the new God’s of the cosmos. Say hello to 45 years of hope and ambition. Say hello to a new species, Human-2.

The group of demigods, Human-2, unfold and unleash a bloody grave for Helel to endure and rest in. His limbs fly in all directions as the yelling comes to a halt. Black blood flows across the floor of the lab. Humanity has evolved, yet they are no more. Human-2 is the new humanity. Next to Nia von Kiareas’s corpse lies the dead sea scrolls, a path for Human-2 to follow.

God in Heaven: “Helel is with us no more. Satan, take Nathaniel, Ramiel, and Sachael and destroy this HUMAN-2 before I myself lay waste to these creatures. Demigods…make them no more.”
Satan: *kneeling* “Yes father”



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