L’améthyste à ses yeux.

**an excerpt from the journal of Ramyses Hektor, dated A.D. 1754**

Je t’aime. S’il vous plaît … ne me quittez jamais.”

Ever since I set my eyes upon her for the first time, I knew we were meant to be together. Valentina Andromeinato is the love of my life. What is love you ask? Love is love. L‘amour c’est l’amour. Love is when you wake up in the morning and think about how to make your womans’ day shine bright and rain happiness upon her. Love is going to bed at night waiting to dream about her smile and how the amethyst in her eyes is a reflection of a perfect sunset bouncing off of the oceans waves. Love is your heart skipping a beat when she walks into the room, her dress swaying and gripping with each step that she takes. Love is…ah, I’m getting carried away. Anyways, this is a story of love, it is also my last story. 

You see, from the moment I was five, I was in love with Valentina. We basically grew up together. Both of our mothers worked at the flower shop down in the Delacroix alley while our fathers were off doing whatever it was to put money on the table. Valentinas father was a drunk, so sometimes at night she would sneak out of the house and call to me to walk with her through the streets of Romanesque until the sun rose again. Her eyes would get lost in the stars and I would be there to comfort her, because you see…Valentinas father would try to touch her. Her mother no longer intervened because last time he beat her face black and blue. Why am I speaking in the past tense? That’s because ten years ago I murdered Valentinas father in front of her. I heard the screams her mother was yelling out. I leaped out of my window and rushed through the door to see her father holding her mother up by the hair with a face no longer recognizable. The rage in me I couldn’t hold any longer. I took two steps and blacked out…when I awoke and came to my senses, Valentinas fathers head was in my hands, blood dripping from his neck onto the floor a couple of feet away from me. Valentinas mother was also dead…the damage she sustained from her husband beating her was too much for her body to handle. Valentina moved in with me that night. I vaguely remember that night to this day, but one thing stuck out to me that I will never forget…Valentina shed no tears for her mother or father, but instead smiled.

Seven years ago, me and Valentina wed at La cathédrale de la lumière. Valentina Andromeinato was my wife. I felt as if nothing else in the world mattered that day. My father walked Valentina down the aisle as my mother shed tears of joy and grace. Her son was finally becoming a man. At the reception after my mother calmed down, she grabbed my hand and took me and my wife for a stroll down the steps of Joliesse. The air was cool and the sky was a calm purplish hue that day. My mother congratulated us with a wedding gift. It was a key. She said it was a key that had been passed down in her family for generations but she had no idea what it was for. The only thing she knew about it is that is it supposed to remain in hands of someone with a pure heart. She grabbed my hand and placed the key in it, telling me “The Key of Nebuchadnezzar has a new home.” The key was a bright gold inscribed with a symbol I couldn’t recognize. To me it was just a family heirloom. I was deeply mistaken.

Five years ago. Valentina birthed two daughters for me, Joliesse-Iri Hektor and Persephone-Illya Hektor. Joliesse was named after where my mother blessed me with that godforsaken treasure. I wanted to name her after the place where I share my final memory with my mother. You see, my mother passed away a month after the wedding from a disease that the doctors were unable to diagnose. Persephone was the name Valentina chose. She said it was after one of her ancestors whom her mother used to tell her she closely resembled as a child. I had two beautiful daughters in my life. I had the most beautiful woman in the world as my wife. I woke up everyday to the face of Valentina Andromeinato next to mine. I woke up everyday thinking about how much she had blessed me. The amethyst in her eyes showed the reflection of an old soul wrapped with the beauty and youth of our world. Listen to me babble…I mean this is a love story. Or it was a love story. Why do I say was? Because one day, Valentinas eyes grew cold. The amethyst really showed itself. The purple hue darkened and my heart sunk when I learned that my mother was actually murdered in her own home by my wife. You see, Valentina went to my mother asking for information on Nebuchadnezzars Key. When my mother told her that she knew nothing, Valentina pulled her spirit from her body and left her in her bed to go cold.

Seigneur … oh seigneur. Valentina Andromeinato is not the woman I have known since I was five. Why lord…why? I still dream about the night that I rushed into her door to save her from her father. I still dream about the smile she had on her face when I killed her father as her mothers body froze like ice. You see…I vividly remember the smile because I now know that Valentina needed me to kill her parents, so she orchestrated everything and used me to her advantage. The woman that I loved murdered my mother and used me to kill her parents, and all I can think about is if she wore the same smile as she ripped my mothers soul from her body.

“The Key of Nebuchadnezzar has a new home.” My heart was pure but it was damaged. All I had left at that point were my daughters. I say had…I’m sorry…I say had because I pleaded for Valentina to let my daughters go before she removed their heads in front of me. Me on my knees…kneeling in the blood of my children….the tears streaming down my face endlessly. I didn’t know why this was happening to me. I didn’t know why Valentina was destroying my world. Why was I so weak? Why am I not strong? The woman that used to hold my hand while we walked down the road of Romanesque in the late nights was a woman that was after my families heirloom. Why did I let her go after she murdered my daughters? Do I still love her? Do I still wish to see her? How does a story of love and romance go to a story of betrayal and death? L’obscurité dans la lumière.

Last night I had a dream…Jésus came and spoke to me. I remember the white light in the darkness and the pressure I felt. It was as if I could not move. My eyes were gazing upon the immortal. He spoke to me of a key and I remember the feeling of pressure increase when I showed it to him. “The Key of Nebuchadnezzar” he said. He then spoke in a tongue that I could not understand but the line “Dead Sea Scrolls” stuck out to me. Is it something that I must search for? Is it of great importance? Will it bring back the ones that I love? Jésus dove to me and whispered the unimaginable in my ear before I awoke in a fierce sweat. “Did you say you want to be strong? I’ll show you how to become a God…”


Thanks to Sandara for the Featured Image.


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