The Pegasus Project Part 2: Flamme du Dragon de Cristal Noir.

“When a person finds the light that they have been seeking for all of their lives, think of the constant darkness one has traveled through to obtain it. Think of the regret and love lost that your will endured. Embody the agony your mind suffered. Pocket the pain deposited onto your body. The light has always been directly in front of you but the darkness cast a blanket of fear that you try ever so hard to escape from, giving birth to a network of different paths to throw you off from what you truly desire. What you seek has been there from the beginning.”

Satans descent upon the German facility brought about a shockwave so powerful and mighty, that it would have shook the Heavens and crumbled Mount Olympus to mere dust if the Human-2 were not there to absorb it. Even despite the interference, the power felt from this vile demons rage and ambition was enough to envelop the surrounding country in a sea of dust and red soil. The black sea lifted onto the lands, swallowing whole the nearby shores it shared with what animals this planet had left to offer. The sun betrays and flees while a cloud of darkness so vast opens and lets loose a storm of white and purple bolts, as if Zeus himself unleashed hell and anguish upon Terra. Nathaniel, Ramiel, and Sachael follow in Satans shadow leaving plight to the group of Human-2.
Satan: “Nathaniel, take Ramiel and Sachael and search for the Dead Sea Scrolls. Look unto every crevice and crack. Lift every broken stone until you find the book. We have no time to waste. Father awaits our arrival. I will erase this disgusting excuse of a species.”

The atmosphere grows cold and a melancholy tune plays within the heart of the Earth. The taste in the air freezes and the wind goes quiet, silencing the voices of the past. The color in Satans eyes go dark. Death has arrived. The faith around Satan begins to skyrocket and the Human-2 begin to stiffen. Their bodies were meant to match the power of a God but this power was so overwhelming that it seemed impossible to achieve, or even to exist for that matter. Nathaniel feels the darkness and a pressure takes to the back of his neck, for the last time he felt this power was the day Satan displayed 5% of his power. He shoots off for the facility, grabbing Ramiel with his left hand and Sachael with his right, quickening his pace at an alarming rate to escape the wave that is about to be unleashed. The silence felt like an eternity, as if time itself came to a pause but that feeling soon faltered when the white light struck as Satan’s palm delivered a wave of epic proportions onto the chest of one of the Human-2. His body didn’t last the strike. Time seems to have slowed again so you could understand the overwhelming power of true evil. The pieces of body float through the sky like a leaf falling from a wilted branch in an autumn setting. Blood fills the air as the cracked spine begins to wither into dust. Everything seems slow as Satan moves from target to Target. The flash steps catch each Demigod off guard, taking a limb with every flash of light that gleams into the eyes of the sky. The bloodlust fills the mind of the each casualty before being stricken down, as if they could feel the soul of the devil quickly overwriting their spirits before they sleep for eternity. The shockwaves push and pull the battered limbs through the air. Only 2 seconds had passed, and in those 2 seconds all 100 Human-2 were erased as if Project Pegasus never released Humanities last hope. Only 2 seconds had passed since Nathaniel grabbed his fellow brethren to escape the feeling of Doom on his back. If he had hesitated for even 0.1 of a second, him and the other 2 disciples would have fell to their knees. The three disciples reached the facility entrance and proceeded with their search of one of the greatest threats to God’s existence: The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Satan hovers and lands on the soil, ever wondering why Lucifer did not destroy the planet entirely. The disgust for such a blasphemous entity has and will never leave his heart. “Why did brother cherish these beings when they abandoned their cause from the very beginning?” Suddenly, a feeling all too familiar urges Satan to clutch his weapon of choice with a grip that leaves a bruise to the hand. The sky burns a bright blueish hue. At this moment as a star of hope fell to the land, Satan exploded with his speed at full force to stop what was coming. The star grew closer and the light grew brighter. The pressure of this falling object was so intense, the surrounding black sea dried up as the temperature rose immensely. Satan at full speed would not be able to stop what was coming. The star disappeared from sky but this horrific feeling did not. The darkness in Satan’s eye returned but along with it was the feeling of overconfidence. The blueish hue brightened as it transformed into a purplish glow that could burn the eyes from an ordinary mortal. Everything stopped…time came to a stand still. Everything froze in place. A blade rose into the sky from a palm all too familiar. The sword of Quetzalcoatl gleamed as a voice shouted from the top of their lungs “FLAME OF THE BLACK CRYSTAL DRAGON.” Spiraling down came a beam of immense black flame wrapped by red energy that shifted the power on the field. The beam pierced the Earth and shook the country, ripping through the German facility. Ramiel and Sachael fell instantly. The beam was instantaneous, wiping them from existence as well as taking an arm from Nathaniel as he managed to somehow evade at the last second when the flames came crashing down. Ramyses Hektor had arrived. The glare between these two was enough to tingle the hairs down your back. A wave of energy ignited as Ramyses dove towards Satan with the sword of Quetzalcoatl in his hand. Satan unsheathed his Scythe of Isaiah and the two weapons connected for the first time after 300 years. A battle between God’s has commenced and nothing could stop it.

Nathaniel continued to search for the treasured book, but that is something not needed to be discussed at this moment. For in a field close by, darkness and light clashed; a battle that will be known as the battle for justice across the cosmos. With each connect of the two blades, a glimmer and white light embellished​ a wave of black and red flames. A spiral of fire surrounded the playing field. Inside it were two monsters dueling to their hearts content. Satan jumped and shot upwards, followed by Ramyses with a string of flash steps. A kick to the chest landed as Ramyses spun to slash the back of Satan. Satan retaliated with throwing his Scythe in the air to deliver two quick punches and a kick to Ramyses face, catching his Scythe and delivering a slash of his own, leaving a mark across his left eye. The two traded punch after punch, kick after kick; the blades clashing over and over. They were were evenly matched.
Ramyses: “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”
Satan: **laughs obnoxiously and shouts with an eerie grin** “You mumble words with no meaning. When is the last time we faced each other Ramyses? Was it the day Valentina split the Key of Nebu in half? Has it really been 300 years? Oh how I yearn for your heart in my hand!”
Ramyses: “The words I speak are not meant for you Satan…they are meant for me.”
**the sky goes pitch black**
Ramyses: “The LORD is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked advance against me to devour me, it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall. Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.”
A song begins to hum. Satan instantly freezes with the feeling of death touching his tongue. His grin has diminished. His scythe falls to the land and the flames of evil disappear as tears run down his face. These are not the tears of joy. These are the tears of fear. The second Nathaniel discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls laying next to the corpse of Nia von Kiareas was the same second that Satan and his disciples had failed this mission. In the same second, Satan opened a portal to retreat back and report to his father what he has seen with his own eyes. In the same second, Ramyses felt relief and the weight of battle lifted off of his shoulders. In the same second, Nathaniel ceased to exist as Jesus appeared and uttered the words “Espada de Relámpago Blanco.”
Jesus: “Another piece has been found. I may have lost Nebuchadnezzars Key but the Dead Sea Scrolls is mine once again.”
**Jesus vanishes**
Ramyses: **sigh of relief with a fall to the floor** “Ahhhh… Finally, a victory.”

**a whisper in his ear**
Valentina: “Are you sure you’ve won?”

The entire incident spanned a mere 3 minutes. A hybrid species of Demigods was wiped from history. A battle between 2 Gods that felt like a millennium impacted the planet and stole a fraction of its life force. Two lovers were reunited on the battlefield.


Special thanks to Chris Cold for the Featured Image.


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