**a whisper in his ear** Valentina: “Are you sure you’ve won?” In the year 2054, Jesus ordered Ramyses to attempt an assassination on Father God. Ramyses was ordered to infiltrate Yggdrasil alone through the Gate of Life that only Father God and his four sons are able to travel through. Raymses lived to serve his savior, and with no hesitation he proceeded swiftly through the … Continue reading Death

The Pegasus Project Part 2: Flamme du Dragon de Cristal Noir.

“When a person finds the light that they have been seeking for all of their lives, think of the constant darkness one has traveled through to obtain it. Think of the regret and love lost that your will endured. Embody the agony your mind suffered. Pocket the pain deposited onto your body. The light has always been directly in front of you but the darkness … Continue reading The Pegasus Project Part 2: Flamme du Dragon de Cristal Noir.

L’améthyste à ses yeux.

**an excerpt from the journal of Ramyses Hektor, dated A.D. 1754** “Je t’aime. S’il vous plaît … ne me quittez jamais.” Ever since I set my eyes upon her for the first time, I knew we were meant to be together. Valentina Andromeinato is the love of my life. What is love you ask? Love is love. L‘amour c’est l’amour. Love is when you wake up … Continue reading L’améthyste à ses yeux.

The Pegasus Project Part 1

*The year is PAE(Post-Apocalyptic Era) 45. God has abandoned humanity because of their technological advancement and outrageous blasphemous acts. In the year 2267, most of Earth’s population had begun to reside in the stars and had also begun to break the barrier on its universe, attempting to populate universes and locate the doors of Heaven itself and unseat the almighty. In return God has allowed … Continue reading The Pegasus Project Part 1

Prologue: Nebuchadnezzar’s Key

“Why do you stare up at the stars Kycilia?” “Because the stars are doors to the universe Nebu” The darkness enshrouds the city from the eyes of the Heavens that gaze down upon it. Mist slowly rolling from alley to alley looking for its victim quickly covers up the differences between the gravel and dirt. Screams in the distance drown out the crying behind me. … Continue reading Prologue: Nebuchadnezzar’s Key

Are You A Nerd??? + s/o to Young Luga

Do I consider myself to be a nerd? Nerd culture has drastically changed over the years and some even consider it to be the new “IT” trend to seem popular and what not. But what the fuck is a nerd? When I hear the word nerd I get a visual depiction of a “Steve Urkel” character. I’m talking full suspenders, high water denim jeans, collard … Continue reading Are You A Nerd??? + s/o to Young Luga