Before we get into this review I can’t get over how much of an anomaly this volume of Black Panther is. Scripted by one of the most prominent writers in America right now, this book is one of the biggest hits in recent memory. Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a book heavily reverential of philosophy and that is very far removed from what I ever read or … Continue reading BLACK PANTHER #6 & #7 REVIEW


Alright so, we’re still in tie-in territory with our Spider-Man title(and I hate it) and as we’ve seen recently, Miles Morales seems to be thinking that he’s going to side with Tony Stark on the Civil War front. And from everything that I’ve seen, which isn’t that much, I’d have to go with Tony as well. With that, we have Miles dealing with some precarious … Continue reading SPIDER-MAN #8 REVIEW AND CIVIL WAR TIE-IN *SPOILERS*


OH MY GOD! Okay, so let’s open this up with a sequence detailing Bane’s formative years, artist Mikel Janin displays this beautifully and puts us right next to the man who broke the Bat as he recalls years being tortured in the prison of Santa Prisca. The images below show us a peak of how Bane had to survive in the worst prison on the … Continue reading BATMAN #9 “I AM SUICIDE” REVIEW

Trinity #2 Review

Francis Manapul continues his “Better Together” storyline with a time-traveling journey to Smallville in Trinity #2. The heroes have been teleported to the past somewhere or “somewhen” and find themselves on the Kent Farm. What the barn looked like before they entered in Trinity #1… Superman is taken back by when he sees himself, as a younger him, and his late father, Jonathan Kent. Whatever this … Continue reading Trinity #2 Review


VICTOR VON DOOM! The greatest villain to ever grace the pages of the Marvel Universe has returned and turned over a new leaf to try something new. What does the masked villain have up his sleeve? Recent Dr Doom Activities: Recently, he took on the powerful Beyonders, simultaneously breaking and saving the Marvel Universe while creating a new world, Battleworld. In SECRET WARS he ruled with … Continue reading INFAMOUS IRON MAN #1 REVIEW

Black Science 25 Review

As science fiction epics go, Black Science has been a yo-yo from the first issue. In this particular issue of Black Science #24, we not only see Grant and Pia resolve some past issues, but we also see the return of some key characters…..   Yup. The slime ball Kadir is still alive. So anyway, Grant McKay went in search of a magical artifact(issue #24) called the … Continue reading Black Science 25 Review