Kill or Be Killed #5 Review

Kill or Be Killed #5

Author: Ed Brubaker

Art: Elizabeth Breitweiser and Sean Phillips

Cover: Sean Phillips

Release Date: January 18th 2017 

After a LONG 2 month hiatus Kill or Be Killed is finally back! It was a long 2 months but after reading this chapter it was definitely worth the wait.

It all starts off with Dylan talking to the viewers per usual and he gets deep like I love. He goes in depth with the possibility of fate and your life being set for you before you and to overcome that. I enjoyed this part like crazy because it’s something I always ponder on myself. Never to fall into what’s set as the norm for you and try to excel and reach the highest point. killorbekilled05-review (1)-page-003.jpg

After this we see that we’ve gone through a small time-skip of a few months since we’ve last seen Dylan getting thrashed by Russian strippers:Kira and Mason have broken up, Mason has been really distant with Dylan, and Dylan has picked up boxing to defend himself.


Even though Kira and Mason have broken up that hasn’t stopped her and Dylan from seeing each other. Their relationship isn’t anywhere where it’s used to be but he’s ok with it because it has him thinking “well maybe we’ll get closer through time.” Personally I think he knows they’re falling apart and he’s just praying for the best.

killorbekilled05-review (1)-page-012.jpg

A great thing that’s going to put this series on a higher level is that Dylan has started to even like killing people. He killed a dog poisoner and didn’t even flinch at it. To the point that the demon even noticed. This might make Dylan take a turn for the worse for him. Maybe he’ll start killing on his own free will even when the demon doesn’t want it. Maybe I’m just speculating too much but that’s just a small theory of mine I have.

Thanks to Brubaker for another good issue after the hiatus. I’d rate it a 3.5/5. Don’t forget to check read Kill or Be Killed at your local comic shop!


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