**a whisper in his ear**
Valentina: “Are you sure you’ve won?”

In the year 2054, Jesus ordered Ramyses to attempt an assassination on Father God. Ramyses was ordered to infiltrate Yggdrasil alone through the Gate of Life that only Father God and his four sons are able to travel through. Raymses lived to serve his savior, and with no hesitation he proceeded swiftly through the gate only to be welcomed by the stars in the nights sky. Yggdrasil is said to be known as a realm where the stars glimmer throughout the sky during the day and the night. It is a place where life never ends, time is absent, and is rumored to be a kingdom of the most luxurious and beautiful crystals that many eyes will never be able to set their sights on. The plants throughout the lands grow leaves of gold and silver and shimmer when the light of the white sun bounces off of its surface. The flowers bloom and emit a cooling blue hue. The blue hue is said to be the color that inspired Father God and his servant Zeruel to use when creating the Earths sky. The purple rivers flow elegantly and the birds sing a tune of joy as they soar and weave through the trees that occupy the Gardens of Arael. Yggdrasil is a place where no normal being can inhabit. Yggdrasil is home to the ALMIGHTY; a place where only Father God, his four children, and his servants are allowed to live.

Raymses ran swiftly through the Woods of Freyja. His heart pounded and pounded. Fear infected his mind and his body shivered harder and more fierce the closer he got to his destination. The sweat trickled off of his forehead and dripped into the lossless air as he ran faster and faster. Even though Ramyses was loyal to Jesus, it would take a fool to attempt to assassinate the most powerful almighty in the cosmos. His journey comes to a brief halt when he encounters one of the servants so eagerly awaiting his approach. Tabris sits atop his Sword of the Double Cross while he smells the sweet sweat of Ramyses veering closer and closer to his position. Even though a battle soon ensues, it is not the battle that is the main focal point of this portion of the story. Our focus is Tabris. The newest servant under Father God.

Sixty years prior to the events of the Yggdrasil battle, Tabris roamed the streets of New York City as a homeless teenager. No shelter to avoid the rainy summer days or the cold winter nights. He rummaged through trash cans in the morning and alley way dumpsters in the evening in hopes of finding that special gourmet dinner that could help him forget of his debacle. His father was killed before he was born. A Harlem knight. His father used to run drugs for the East Coast mob that had ties to a Colombian Cartel settlement that worked out of the Bronx. Cocaine was their focus. A quick money maker. Something easy to flash. The eyes of a street hooker or a thug would catch the reflection instantly. His father was setup by one of his partners and was killed for the act of betraying the family. His father never told the truth. He just accepted his fate and realized his mistakes. Tabris mother died when he was a little boy around the age of 5. You could say Tabris accepted the role of an adult at an early age, walking home from Pre-K alone. No fear in his eyes. He opened the door to his mother being raped by a group of 4 Puerto Ricans. Bloods. Old unpaid debts they recited. He stood there and watched. They paid him no mind while they slandered him. Cursed him in front of his mother as they had their way with her. They put a bullet in her brain the second they were done with her. He ran before they could put a bullet in his brain as well. Tabris never returned to Pre-K the next day. He roamed the streets day to day to survive. No goals. No desires. No dreams. Just an obligation. He wanted to get stronger. He wanted blood. He wanted revenge. He didn’t want revenge for his mother being raped. He didn’t revenge for his father being setup and killed. He didn’t want revenge for never having a chance to meet the man that fathered him. The man that made his mother smile in the morning and again in the evening. He wanted revenge for the shitty life that was laid onto his shoulders. He wanted to know why him. A decade later, Tabris awoke to a white light shining onto him in the back of an alley on 103rd & 19th. When he came to his senses, he noticed that time was frozen. No one was moving. The rain was still. Everything in place. The only thing moving was the light, edging closer and closer.

Jesus: Do you know who I am?
Tabris: Yeah…I know who are…Let me guess, it’s my time to die huh? Is this that white light people see at the end of the tunnel?
Jesus: You could say so. Yes, it IS your turn to die, but also it is time for you to be born.
Tabris: What?
Jesus: Tabris, I’ve been watching over you all of these years. Since the days before your birth. I have preordained everything that was to happen to you. I wanted to see your reaction to all of the pain I set for you.
Tabris: So you’re the reason I had to live like this? This FUCKED UP life? What the fuck you want from it all? A laugh? Hysterical. From what I remember, I thought Jesus was supposed to be a savior. Why aim to destroy my soul? Do know how hard it was not to crack? My mother was raped in front of my eyes. I didn’t even get to meet my father. Every day I’m going through dumpsters and trash cans for food. Begging for change. Anything to survive out here. I could die at any moment.
Jesus: I know you detest me, but it was all for what is to come. I haven’t chosen a fair servant in hundreds of years. Prove to me that I haven’t made an error in judgement. “Espada De Luz”

Jesus stabs Tabris mid-chest with a sword so bright, it is said to rival the gleam of a white sun itself. Tabris’ breathing comes to a halt as his body begins to shut down. Memories of his life flash before his eyes. Thoughts of what could have been play over and over. A life he wanted but could never receive. The touch of his mothers lips kissing his forehead before dropping him off at Pre-K in the morning. His father taking him to the park on the weekends. Watching the game in the evening while in his pops lap. His mother and father giving him the talk. His father showing up to his sports games and chess tournaments. Something of an actual family. Everything quickly fades to black. Tabris is erased from the world he considered hell. However, he is born into a new world. A world where he will be a king in his own. He is the 4th servant of Jesus. He has rightfully earned a spot in Yggdrasil as his home. He is a servant of Light. He now fights against the darkness. On this particular day, Ramyses is the darkness.

Ramyses comes to a halt when he spots Tabris sitting atop his Sword of the Double Cross, patiently waiting for the intruder that reached Yggdrasil through the Gate of Life. Even though a servant, only Father God and his four sons, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, and Helel, were able to travel through the Gate of Life.

Tabris: What brings you here? Better question…how did you reach this place?
Ramyses: I have come to take the head of your Father. Do not worry about how I traveled here. You’re not worthy to hear the name of my savior.
Tabris: I’m sorry…
Ramyses: What do you apologize for?
Tabris: Killing you…”Twin Star Cross”

A wave of white light instantly flashes and brings Ramyses to the understanding that if he does not dodge this, he will die instantaneously. He flips and touches his palms to the floor. He focuses his energy and delivers a blast that shoots him to the sky, dodging the Twin Star Cross, but it is not enough.


Ramyses skin crawls and becomes overrun by goosebumps. His thought process is blown out of wack. He realizes the words that Tabris has spoken are the words of his master and savior Jesus. His confusion leaves him wide open and the failure to react unfortunately allows a direct impact onto his chest. Ramyses is blown out of the sky and falls to the grounds of Yggdrasil. Unconscious, Valentina arrives to the battlefield.

Valentina: I know this man.
Tabris: Who is he Valentina? How the fuck did he get here?
Valentina: I don’t know how he got here. Only father and our masters can travel through the gate. Let’s bring him with us.
Tabris: Hey, he said something about a savior…he didn’t give me a name though.
Satan: Savior you say?

To be continued in Rebirth.


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